How Do Real Estate Agents Benefit From 100% Commission Plan?

Every real estate broker work on commission with a brokerage firm they have signed a contract with. The brokerage firm offers an office, desk, mail, phone, advertisement, client lead, signage, and other services. Generally, the splits are 50/50. Nevertheless, with half of your earning going getting split with the brokerage firm, a real estate agent can hardly dream about building a secure future. 

Fortunately, Big Block Realty is a firm that offers 100 commission real estate California package to brokers. It means brokers can build a safe and secure future.

Traditional versus 100% commission model

In the traditional model, the brokers get a percentage of their commission, whereas in a 100% commission structure you can keep the entire commission amount. It means no splitting and keeping all the commission. Thus you can invest in a business and the future.

For example, if a broker earned $14000 total commission on a property deal and if a traditional splitting structure is followed then the broker gets $7000 or maybe less. Nevertheless, with a 100% commission structure, the broker will keep the entire $14000.

He will only have to pay a few hundred dollars every month to the brokerage firm for using basic services. For using special technology and participating in an advanced training program the broker will need to pay extra. It means you have to pay only for the services you will use. 

Advantages of 100% commission structure


With the 100% commission model, you have total control over your transactions. No restrictions on how you deal with your clients or how you schedule the showing or plan your marketing strategies. Unlike the traditional structure, there will be no concerns about fulfilling the sales quota. So, you are free to handle the meetings with potential clients without any stress.

Better earns

As you can keep 100% commission, you earn more on every deal. Multiple transactions can be completed every month depending on your competence. Even if the monthly fee has to be paid, it is significantly lower than the 50/50 split structure.

Enhance career

With the 100% commission model, you are an independent broker. In this digital era, real estate brokers work from home and don’t need office space. Working from the comfort of home outweighs the office distraction, commute, and bad coffee. They can gain access to MLS databases with ease because property listings are made available on the internet. Y

ou can get creative and build a personal brand rather than promoting brokerage firms’ business. You deserve recognition for the time and effort you took in finalizing a transaction. With the increase in income reinvest in your business and offer your career a boost.

 Now, you are familiar with what a 100% commission brokerage plan is all about. It will help you reach your real estate professional goal. Nevertheless, make sure to choose a reputable brokerage agency that will help you become the best in your niche and earn more. 

Real estate agents can learn to build multi-million dollar earning portfolios learning from experts in the industry. If you desire to build a brand then get started!

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