Hair restoration or hair transplant is a surgical procedure to solve the problems of baldness and hair loss in men and women. It is one of the most common methods on the market and very popular. It is a truth that many men and women have to face this distressing situation in life. There is no other option than the latest chemical or surgical procedures designed to restore a person’s scalp to its natural, growing state. However, these promises are not without detractors and critics.

Learn about the best hair transplant procedure.

A hair transplant is a surgical transplantation of hair from other parts of the body to the top of the head. It works by using the permanent fringe hair around the back and sides of the scalp. This area of ​​hair, especially in those suffering from male pattern baldness, is called the dominant donor hair. The donor’s dominant hair has the ability to grow into any bald area where it is transplanted. The latest and most successful transplant method is called Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation (FUE). This recent advancement in hair transplant surgery is far superior to the traditional method. Smaller incisions and more precise placement of hair follicles allow hair to grow thicker and closer together than with previous methods. The tissue is prepared and trimmed under high-powered microscopes, giving the surgeon the opportunity to place more grafts per square inch. The hair follicles are carefully harvested by a highly trained and qualified hair restoration surgeon.

The procedure:

After anesthesia has been administered, the transplant surgeon removes the follicles and hair growth from the donor’s dominant patches on the body and divides them into individual grafts. Grafts can contain from one or two hairs (micrografts) to six hairs (minigrafts). Once the grafts have been prepared, they are inserted under the skin of the bald area and new patches are allowed to grow. The procedure takes about six to eight hours at a time, and in most cases, should be spread over more than one visit until the entire area has been covered. By making the recipient also the donor, the incidence of lifetime doses of anti-rejection drugs is greatly decreased. The number of grafts depends entirely on the extent of baldness and the type of hair (thick, thin, curly, etc.) of the patient.

After surgery:

Hair transplant surgery does not have immediate results after the surgery has been performed, the hair will fall out of the follicles. This does not mean that the surgery has failed; it is merely part of the process. During the first ten days, practically all the transplanted hair, inevitably traumatized by its relocation, will fall out (“shock loss”). The patient’s hair will grow normally and continue to thicken for the next six to nine months. Any subsequent hair loss in women is likely to be from untreated areas only. Some patients choose to use medications to slow such loss, while others plan a subsequent transplant procedure to deal with this eventuality.

Research and select a top hair transplant surgeon:

Skilled, talented and experienced hair transplantation turkey surgeons vary widely, as do their results. It is very important that you choose your doctor carefully, as your results will last a lifetime. Be sure to ask around, do some research, and choose a hair restoration surgeon who has the skill and experience with the latest transplant techniques. Be patient, in a year or so, no one will remember you when you were once bald.

At Ak clinics you can find solutions for hair loss in women and hair transplant Wayne Rooney who have gone through the alopecia areata treatment process. The more experienced and qualified your hair transplant doctor is, the more effective his service will be. The cost of hair transplant depends on the quality of the surgeon and the solution he provides you. It is better to pay once than opt for hair transplant revision.

Hair Transplant Turkey Procedures And Costs

Hair loss due to androgenic alopecia or pattern baldness is a condition that affects both men and women. Surgical hair transplant andIt’s the only solution to restore hair lost in pattern baldness when medical hair restoration fails to provide good hair growth.

Assuming that you have clear cut, deeply grounded regions or examples of sparseness at the crown of your head with a thick, solid covering of hair on the sides and back of your head, you are likely a contender for hair relocate a medical procedure. Hair that is relocated into the front facing district of the skull by and large offers the best outcomes. Nonetheless, a hair relocate system can likewise be performed on some other region of the head in the event that you have any uncovered patches there.

It is best to have detailed information about the hair transplant turkey procedure before you make plans to have an operation. Only after you have read all the information will you be able to understand and appreciate the importance of surgical hair restoration. The information will also help you decide if you are the right candidate for hair transplant surgery.

Now that you are well informed, you are probably wondering if hair transplantation is affordable. The cost of hair transplant varies depending on your previous medical history, the degree and extent of your hair loss, the possibility of medical hair restoration as an adjunct to surgical hair restoration, the number of sessions that will be required for hair transplant surgery, etc. After due consideration of these factors, your hair restoration surgeon will be able to map out an affordable hair transplant treatment plan for you.

Before making the decision to undergo a hair transplant procedure, it is best that you make a consultation visit with the hair transplant surgeon. This consultation will give you an idea about the hair transplant cost for your surgery.

In general, the average cost of hair transplant turkey in the Turkey ranges from $3,690 to $9,800. In some cases, it can also reach $15,000. The cost of hair transplantation varies considerably from person to person and also It depends on how many grafts you need, the number of sessions involved, and the hair transplant center or clinic you visit. Clinics in California charge more on average than clinics in Texas. Going to Canada or Mexico for hair transplant will be cheaper.

Remember that hair transplant costs and prices should not be the main reason for choosing a particular hair transplant surgeon, although it is an important factor for most patients. The cost of hair transplant surgery at most hair restoration centers in the US is based on the size of a hair transplant “session”, not the number of hair follicle units transplanted. This is simply because some grafts contain more hair follicles than others.

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