How is a Global MBA better than a general MBA?

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a transformative experience for individuals, professionally and personally, assert industry experts. Obtaining an MBA degree often requires a considerable investment of time, energy, discipline, and money. Acquiring a business education can be challenging as well as life changing. So, prior to enrolling in a top-ranked business school, it is essential to assess your career orientation.

There are various MBA programmes to choose from, such as traditional, regular, full-time, mini, executive, general, and global. However, we will be weighing a global MBA and a general MBA in this blog.

When comparing global MBA and general MBA, the advantage of attending the former outweighs the latter. So, let’s provide you with the cons and pros of global as well as general MBAs to help you understand how choosing a global MBA is more advantageous.

General MBA vs. Global MBA: An Overview

A general MBA provides in-depth knowledge of business and management. The course focuses on developing the basics across all specialties. You will also gain skills and knowledge that can improve your career trajectory. Moreover, a general MBA degree focuses on bolstering business acumen, leadership, communication, analytical thinking skills, and other crucial transferrable skills, imperative to thrive in any industry.

Global MBA offers a plethora of benefits besides giving a deep understanding of the fundamentals of business management. Global MBA builds a robust professional network and develops entrepreneurial skills. A global MBA can give you more targeted business management experience if you are interested in making an international career.

The Global MBA programme prepares you to work in an international setting. The course is tailored for individuals aspiring to gain astute business sense. It provides academic knowledge and practical skills in accounting, human resources, operations management, leadership, and marketing in a global setting.

How is a global MBA different from a general MBA?

As we have discussed earlier, a global MBA is the right fit for students with an aim to move abroad or work in a multinational company. The course curriculum includes subjects focusing more on the international business community.

On the other hand, a general MBA programme is generalised in nature. The programme curriculum does not focus exclusively on international business management.

In addition, a global MBA provides better exposure and helps forge links with business professionals across the world. The degree also makes you more employable across the globe. The global MBA course prepares you for several roles in leading companies.

A general MBA course helps you become a successful leader, climb the career ladder, and expand your networks. Additionally, it allows you to work in several sectors, such as corporate, management, administration, or consultancy.

In contrary, a global MBA caters to globally minded business aspirants. The degree helps understand various cultures on global platforms and the changes in the market trends worldwide.


As you have understood the fundamental difference between the global MBA and general MBA, it is recommended to discover your niche before enrolling in any of these programmes. Make a well-informed decision!

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