How Long Do Headband Wig Last

Headband Wig

The longevity of the hair wig depends on the quality of the hair, the type of wig, the texture of the hair, the care and the strength of it. Some wigs can only last for several months, while others can last for years. The reason it is so difficult to customize is because there are so many factors involved. The headband wigs can last longer if they are well maintained and used.

Each wig unit is designed to fit most users’ heads. Some wigs are hand-tied with hair that require a lot of care. For those who suffer from hair loss, bald scalp or just prefer natural looking and sticky wigs, the headband wig is a great alternative to lace wigs that can be applied with glue or adhesive. Is required. They can be secured to your head and can be attached without any wig glue, even if you want to style it.

How to make a headband wig last longer?

Unlike lace wigs, headband wigs are glue-free, making them easy to install. Therefore, if well maintained, they can last longer. Having achieved this, there are some points that we need to pay attention to while using and maintaining them. Now, let’s find out how.

1. Do not wash your headband wig frequently:

Each headband shortens the life of the wig. It is therefore recommended that you wash it once every 2 or 3 weeks and remember to use warm water while washing. Put shampoo in water, tap and rub gently with your hands instead of shaking the wig. Then wash the shampoo thoroughly with clean water. Use a towel to absorb the moisture of the wig and let it dry naturally.

2. Gently maintain your headband wig:

Try to keep your headband wig as comfortable as possible, this is the way to keep it long. Gently comb your wig with a special wig comb, do not pull hard when the hair is tangled. And do not comb the wig directly after washing, wait until it is completely dry. You can wear headbands anywhere. But another thing to keep in mind is that you should not wear your headband wig while sleeping or swimming. It can tangle your hair. And you can always store the wig in a plastic bag or using a dummy head, to keep it in good condition.

In a word, wash your headband wig properly and take good care of it, you will keep it longer.

Where to Buy the Best Headband Wig?

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