How much does LED van advertising cost in India?

Successful advertising reaches its goal of attracting customers to well-liked products and services. Any business may use LED Mobile Van Advertising as a strategy to connect with their most valuable customers through a highly effective visual ad display where consumers engage, pay attention, and ultimately make purchases.

In a market where internet marketers compete fiercely, LED mobile vans to give businesses a way to directly target their audience while taking into account their local priorities. Brands are looking for effective strategies to raise their ROI. 

On the other hand, many large companies, on the other hand, invest in outdoor LED advertising screens to expand their customer base. Brands may cover a large area at a reasonable cost by using a mobile LED van.

Let’s first examine LED mobile vans and how they contribute to the expansion of any marketing. So, LED mobile vans are vehicles structured specifically for advertising purposes. They also include installations for the LED advertising screens. 

These vans can move around cities to promote their brands because they are mobile. Mobile vans can be used as a stand-alone form of advertising or as a component of a larger marketing effort. These LED mobile vans can be utilized for a variety of things, such as brand advertising and service delivery vans.

Promote Your Company’s Events

Your products and services will be promoted with LED mobile vans. To promote or launch any product, mobile vans can also be transformed into live events.

The possible audience for it includes both targeted clients and ordinary people. The audience finds it difficult to look away from the LED mobile vans because they attract greater attention. 

There is now the option of the LED mobile van if any company or service provider wants to advertise its goods and services because it can attract potential clients.

Cost-Effective Advertising

LED van advertising has a significantly longer lifespan than other forms of advertising, is extremely extendable and cost-effective, and gives you complete innovative control over how you want to influence your audience.

Because an LED van can reach hundreds of interested customers every day, it is less expensive than traditional advertising strategies. 

Additionally, mobile vans are less expensive than other advertising solutions. Cynor Media provides the best-LED advertising screen services for all kinds of businesses with a fair budget.

If you had intended to purchase a powerful LED display board or LED mobile van for advertising purposes, it would be a fantastic investment for your business.

Advantages of Using LED Van Advertising:-

Mobile van marketing is very effective and very attractive. Unlike other old strategies, it doesn’t limit the customer or the target audience. They remain there for a while before moving on to other significant destinations in the following phase. 

Consider a crowded market with a LED mobile van that can be placed wherever in the market without bothering the customers and still attract attention. It seems nice!

Cost of LED Van Advertising:-

Advertising is the major aspect of marketing, which is necessary to advertise any product or service in the market. So, for any event or occasion, you will require a LED screen for rent. Cynor Media provides event management services in Chandigarh.

LED vans are a much more affordable and reasonable method to advertise your products and services among your targeted audiences.

  • Renting a simple mobile van price starts from Rs. 3000–4000/day and may vary according to the additional features/services a client might want to add, like a sound system for float, promoter, anchor, leaflets, etc.
  • The average market price of a LED van for rent in India is Rs. 5,200/Sq. Ft.
  • For LED Mobile Van On Rent Display, starts from Rs. 5000/day, and it may vary from location to location. While it starts at 10,000/day in Mumbai and Delhi, it is often 8,000/day in Chandigarh.


If you are planning to advertise your new product or service effectively, this is the best time to reach out to Cynor Media to install your mobile LED van. It is a well-liked form of outdoor marketing.

You may choose them now that you know why LED outdoor advertising panels are the best for your business.

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