How Self-Storage Facilities Are Going Green

How Self-Storage Facilities Are Going Green

These days all fast-progressing and modern-thinking companies endeavour to go green.

Each economy sphere needs to add more eco-friendly tools, approaches, or principles for our only home place, planet Earth.

The self-storage industry is not an exclusion. As a matter of fact, it’s become quite greener in a few years, so all of its representatives deserve some respect.

And customers who’re pretty keen on the eco-friendly idea can now take benefits of the paid storage facilities in the most optimal way. After all, isn’t storing your old items a sign of being green? 

Let’s learn more about the green side of storage facilities.

What is self-storage?

Self-storage is simply a way to accommodate items you have no place to keep or don’t need at your disposal throughout the year.

At a small rental fee, you get your personal space where to put unwanted, unneeded, old, yet functional and practical objects.

With a whole pack of safety measures, finely trained and experienced technicians to support the optimal organisation of free space distribution between people and items, and through the right equipment, you can take advantage of your storage module to fulfil all your needs for extra space.

How can self-storage be eco-friendly for homeowners?

Self-storage use is usually related to people’s different forms of deficit.

Whether it’s some free space or time to manage the shortest gap between moving out and moving in dates, you can use your individual facility in the best way for you.

Yet, it’s good not only for you as it does well for the rest of us as it’s environment-friendly.

Reducing Waste

Try to recall the last time you moved out. There must have been at least 3 cardboard boxes of items you’ve thrown away.

Although still functional, favourite to your kids, or practical enough to be reused, these objects simply served no purpose except for polluting our planet extra. You could reduce your waste by renting a small storage space.

Now try to imagine how much more you will pollute the planet by throwing away bigger and heavier items, such as pieces of furniture or electric appliances that are so difficult to be recycled.

You can still keep these things and eventually use them by having a storage unit.

Lesser Need for Purchasing Things

We live in times when buying is a common action we perform every day.

Fresh food is ok to be demanded, but why get new electric appliances, clothes, furniture, and you name it if your current ones are still ok?

Overconsumption is a self-driven process that, every single second, leads to more and more damage to the surrounding environment. When you overstock yourself with things you don’t need, you often leave them somewhere abandoned, forgotten, and most likely not stored well enough.

As a result of this, if by any chance you experience a need for them, you will find them damaged and in bad condition because of improper storage. So, you will once again go shopping.

You can stop this constantly spinning wheel by having a storage unit.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Some businesses prefer to expand not only financially and socially among their targeted audience but also physically.

Moving to a new office is a trend among small startups that have just hit their first solid income.

But why do so if you can cut your expenses and make even more profits next year by remaining in the same office space and putting your new or old equipment in a storage unit?

How do I make my storage facility energy efficient?

What can make self-storage companies even greener?

Energy-efficient businesses seem to get obsessed with the eco-friendly idea with the very first solar panel they install. And there’s so much to appreciate here.

Apart from reducing energy consumption, storage facilities can become more sustainable through the following ideas:

  • Having a convenient location. This will deduct the total amount of fuel all customers will spend on the way to their personal storage modules, which means less polluted air.
  • Cutting the water consumption. This could happen when installing an eco-friendly HVAC system and using rainwater for concrete needs. Speaking of which, repairing the drain pumps is water and energy efficient enough to cut expenses.
  • Going for sustainable materials. Today, plenty of alternatives to plastic and metal exist that can be safe for both – the customer’s items and the planet.
  • Full digital customer support. Consultations, contract arrangements, agreement changes, and ordinary inquiries can be handled online rather than with a face-to-face meeting that requires driving, fuel, and you name it.
  • Natural cleaning. A high hygiene level is a key factor that makes a self-storage company trustworthy and preferable. It’s a pity, though, that people still believe that deep disinfection means the mandatory use of chemicals for sanitising chores. There are so many green ways to achieve the same antibacterial and sparkling clean effect you achieve with highly toxic solutions.

How much does self-storage cost?

The self-storage service costs less when considering how many green benefits it brings. 

Yet, we cannot speak about standard prices as companies offer different extras and clauses. But we have a different aim when asking how much self-storage costs. This service price has the potential to be deducted in the future.

When energy-efficient instruments and devices are introduced, many companies’ expenses can be reduced.

As a result, storage companies can provide a lower price for their customers. This is how while being green, it actually gets possible to be more competitive, too.

And reasonable customers would always prefer the cheaper and even more eco-friendly service, right?


Environment-friendly companies are definitely the game-changers in today’s modern economy. Seeing every sphere in our life going through this green transformation is simply amazing. 

Even things like finding the right place for your personal items can be more energy efficient if preliminary research is done in advance.

We soon hope to see green self-storage companies be not only exceptional role models but also the ones who set a new standard in the industry.

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