How to Achieve The Fluttery Lashes as Seen on the Movies

Fluttery Lashes

Achieving the fluttery lashes seen in the movies doesn’t call for much. Some people with the right know-how do it themselves. But, the majority prefer working with a professional makeup artist to attain a more refined look.

This explains why there’s high demand in the eyebrow industry services in the U.S. Such eyebrow services include:

  • Eyebrow waxing
  • Eyebrow lamination
  • Microblading
  • Lash extensions
  • Microneedling
  • Lash lift and eyebrow lift
  • Brow tinting
  • Keratin lash lift
  • Eyebrow threading
  • Brow tweezing

Indeed, a pair of the best eyelash extensions can make you feel more confident about your look. They enhance your eye makeup by adding a touch of class. The lash extensions make your eyes appear bigger and frame a flawless face. 

To avoid taking more of your valuable time fiddling around with falsies, find out how to achieve the fluttery lashes as seen in the movies. Let’s delve in. 

Choosing the Right Eyelash Extensions

Choosing the right eyelash matters most. No one wants to appear like a scarecrow after spending time and money trying to enhance their look.

To choose the right eyelash, go for what creates a soft, fluttery look. Overall, aim at lashes that concentrate on the outer eye corners instead of a full eyelash. 

This design enhances the whole makeup while maintaining your natural look. Compared to the whole strip, they are also less likely to give you a lash malfunction.

The beautiful lashes achieved with the best eyelash extensions and great mascara enhances your makeup style. They transform your look to a whole new level. Butterfly lashes are some of the most popular and stylish lashes you should probably try. 

Please note that the look comes not only from using particular eyelash serum or mascara. Instead, you can enhance your face using different types of mascara.

Follow these steps to apply the eyelash.

Step 1 

Pick a set of eyelashes that suits your eye shape. Remember that not all lashes are designed for your particular eyes. If you’re not careful, you’ll go for a set that will give you a weird and scary look. 

So, ensure you take what fits your eye shape, and if need be, cut the outer edges of the lashes. Once you apply the lash extension, the process becomes easier.

Step 2

Bend the lash inward to form a letter “C.” The curve will give the lash a more natural look. Once applied, do not lift the lashes at the corners.

Step 3

Find a high-quality and long-lasting glue and apply it to the lashes generously. When applying the glue, start from the inner corner and move straight to the outer corner. Since the glue is more delicate, it helps to seek professional makeup either in a brow studio or an eyebrow salon.

That way, the glue can last for even more than a month. But, it’s still recommended that you go for the best eyelash extensions that include additional wear with those glued on. A professional lash technician uses a particular type of glue and a lash curler to help you attain the desired look.

Step 4

After placing the glue on the false lashes, allow the glue to set for about 30 seconds. This will help stop the glue from slipping when putting on the eyelash extensions. 

When applying the falsies, ensure you use them directly on the natural lashes and not the skin around your eyelid. This will ensure you don’t experience irritations. It will also give you the most desired natural look.

Fortunately, it’s easy to find the best eyelash extensions. When applied right, they will hardly cause skin irritations. They also enhance your look by giving you an admirable and youthful appearance despite your eyebrow shape. Indeed, everyone looking for the best eyelash extension wants gorgeous, healthier, and fuller-looking brows.

Step 5

Once you apply the lashes, you can add your preferred eyeliner and mascara. This is important to help mix the falsies or eyelash extensions with your natural lashes.

Applying the Fluttery Lashes Seamlessly

You might be looking for a seamless eyelash application but have been applying lash extensions wrong your entire life. The rule of thumb for applying the lash extension includes:

  • Let the glue go tacky
  • Use tweezers
  • Look down into a mirror

Once the eyelashes are on, please give them a very gentle curl. Use an eyelash curler to stick them to your natural lashes. If you want to make the most of your natural lashes, here are some quick steps to help you attain gorgeous fluttery lashes.

Step 1

Despite the mascara brand you choose, you’ll still attain the butterfly lash look. The secret lies in the eyebrow brush.

To acquire the fluttery lash look, you should have your natural lashes brushed with a brow brush before mascara application. This will help in separating your lashes and prevent them from sticking together. Remember that you cannot achieve the fluttery lash look with clumpy lashes.

Step 2

Apply the mascara type you like to your lashes. Begin from the upper and outer sides of your lashes, and then work through to the center. During the mascara application, brush your lashes outwards by coiling your wrist counterclockwise. This is one of the perfect ways to attain better brows and perfect lashes.

Step 3

Avoid applying too much product as you work towards your inner lashes. With just two pumps of mascara, you should have the right amount of coverage, minus the clumps. The secret to achieving the butterfly lashes is to apply more mascara on the outer lashes and lesser amounts to the inner lashes. This should happen naturally.

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Wrapping Up

The most common way to apply the extensions is with glue. But, you can also have them applied by rolling them onto the lash line. The best eyelash extensions will quickly and painlessly add length and volume to your eyelashes. 

You also have the option of adding lash strips over the lash extensions. The strips will stick to your natural lashes. You can then place them anywhere you want to have them. With the mascara applied in the right amount of coverage, you can easily attain the perfect lash look.

Depending on what you like, you can also go for partial set eyelash extensions. In case your lash extensions start falling off, you may want to ask your lash stylist about the type of glue that was applied. 

Otherwise, lash extensions can last from six to twelve weeks based on the product and professionalism level. You might only need to do a “filling” every two to three weeks.

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