How to Book Cheap Flight Tickets and Cut Travel Costs on a Vacation

best deal on your flight booking

Whenever we plan a trip, a major part of the budget is set aside for flight tickets. Air travel is not cheap now, is it? Many times, it is a deal-breaker too. You have to put the trip off, going back to the same mundane life you really wanted a break from. Sounds familiar?

But what if we tell you there’s a way or rather ways to help you book the cheapest flight tickets? Here are a few hacks that can help you save on your flight booking other than booking early –

  • Be flexible with your dates 

We all know that flight tickets are more likely to be expensive whenever there is a holiday coming up like Christmas, Holi or Diwali. Also, weekend flights bookings cost you more than the ones done for the weekdays. It also depends on the travel season. It’s always better to visit when fewer people will be travelling to the destination you are choosing. Always be flexible with your dates to get the best deal. 

  • Be flexible with your destination

Either be flexible with your dates or the destination to get the cheapest tickets. Being flexible with both will work wonders for you. Don’t worry as you won’t have to manually enter the destinations one after the other. Use Google Flights to compare the prices of different places. 

Just add your location or the place you want to fly from and it will show the ticket prices for destinations all over the world. 

  • Try budget airlines

Rather than swearing by the traditional expensive airlines’, look for cheaper carriers that can fly you on a budget. They might not be as fancy or as comfortable but at least they will save you a lot of money. Money that you can spend on the trip to make it a memorable one. 

  • Search tickets as an individual traveller

Even if you are travelling as a group, always look for tickets as a single person. When making a group reservation, you are more likely to be charged a higher rate. The airlines’ offer the highest price possible in this scenario. However, if you book as a single person, you may not be able to get the seats together, but you will end up saving a fortune. 

  • Go incognito

Search engines and booking sites usually store your search history and cookies. This is why you see increased prices when you repeatedly search for a destination. It’s better to book in incognito mode to get the best deal on your flight booking

  • Don’t fly direct

You also need to be a little flexible with your route in order to get the cheapest tickets. Connecting flights are relatively cheaper than direct flights. Look for the nearby airports rather than the primary airport of your destination. You can also opt for two different airlines. For instance, if your destination is Texas, then you can take a direct flight to London and hop on another one for Texas, if that’s cheaper. 

  • Use different flight searching websites

Always use multiple flight searching websites before you hit the book now button. Many search engines have higher rates which depend on their commission from the airlines, and sometimes they don’t list all the carriers. Therefore, it is important to use different websites and compare the prices. For the best prices on flight booking, you can always rely on ixigo. 

  • Sign up for a flyer rewards program

If you are a frequent flyer, sign up for the rewards program with airlines’. You can earn miles or reward points against the bookings for some excellent travel perks. It can get you free or discounted flights, flight upgrades and even free hotel stays. They also offer discounts and points on certain debit/credit cards. 

So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets now and have an amazing trip 😀

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