How to choose the perfect yoga clothes

perfect yoga clothes

Determining the best clothing for yoga depends on the type of yoga session you’re doing, your fashion preferences, and your lifestyle. Today’s yoga clothes are used for much more than a yoga session or a yoga pants. They correspond to the fashion trend “athleisure”, a term in English made up of the words “athletic” (“sport”) and “leisure” (” leisure”), which unites performance, comfort, and style.

Perhaps you are looking for yoga clothes to face sessions in the gym or simply to take a walk around the city with an impeccable style. Whatever your case, it is important that you find the perfect clothes according to your tastes in terms of fashion, your lifestyle, and the type of yoga you like to practice.

Common types of yoga

If you are just starting out in yoga, you should know that there are many different types that can determine the type of clothing you decide to buy. The high temperatures and intensity of a Bikram yoga session at 40 degrees, for example, can make you prefer fabrics that wick sweat. Instead, tight pants with loose parts may be a better option for a regenerative yoga class in which you do not spend so much heat.Below we collect the best-known types so that you know better what clothes you should wear.

Hatha yoga:One of the most popular styles, it focuses on breathing, holding poses, and paying attention to the body. It doesn’t raise the temperature of the space, so you may not sweat as much as in other yoga classes.

Vinyasa: is a dynamic way of flowing or easily changing posture. These classes can be taught with or without raising the temperature of the room. Regardless of that, they are usually more intense.

Bikram yoga, also called Hot yoga: classes are taught in a space with a very high temperature, usually above 40 degrees. Hot yoga sessions follow a sequence of 26 postures in which breathing is important. You probably sweat so much that your clothes will end up soaked.

Iyengar yoga:Great for improving posture, this type of yoga focuses on aligning the spine in a slow and methodical manner. Poses are usually held for about a minute. However, classes are generally not low-key. temperatures.

High-quality fabric blends

Before going to class, prepare yourself for the postures and the temperature that you will face. Practicing yoga with the wrong type of clothing can cause chafing, poor breathability, and physical discomfort. In addition, it can be difficult to maintain the postures if you are distracted by playing with the laces or pulling up your pants because they fall or if the waist hits you in the midline.

The best yoga clothes are comfortable and made from stretchy, ultra-soft fabrics so you don’t have to adjust them while you stretch. A blend of polyester, spandex, and nylon are often used, materials that offer softness when you’re in a downward-facing dog or doing a stretch. stride forward.

Another good option to consider is synthetic fabrics, such as spandex, cotton, wool, or bamboo. These synthetic materials are made to be durable, environmentally friendly, and temperature-regulating.

Essential features of yoga clothes

Your personal tastes in styles and colors are likely to influence your purchase, but to perform at your best, look for these features in your garments:

Fabric that wicks sweat and dries quickly. Workout clothing that adapts to the body. If you don’t want it to ride up or cover your face when you’re upside down.Support and Stretch. Look for a sports bra that gives you the support and stretch you need. Don’t go for a stiff bra as it will be difficult to put on and take off, especially if you’ve been sweating.

How to choose yoga pants for women

Generally, it’s best to wear full-length, skintight yoga pant that offers support in poses where you have to hold your calf or ankles. Three-quarter length pants expose your ankles and make it more difficult to Fuck them, especially if your legs are slippery from sweat. Another alternative is slim-fitting yoga pants with baggy sides, ideal for yoga sessions that focus more on breathing and meditation than on intense movements like vinyasa.

High-waisted yoga pants provide great coverage around the waist and are often flattering on many different body types. Please note that yoga pants are not leggings. Yoga pants are designed solely for the comfort and may not be the best option if they are made of cotton, since this fabric tends to absorb sweat instead of capitalizing it, so the garments weigh more. Women yoga pants are generally looser and jogger-like, but offer a secure fit at the waist and flexibility, and won’t sag. short breathable. We recommend womenand wowomenbend over when trying on a pair of pants to make sure they won’t rip during class. Also, some fabrics can appear dull until you stretch or bend over.

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