How To Choose The Right Hair Color For Indian Skin Tones?

Right Hair Color For Indian

Indians have different skin tones, and each skin tone is unique and beautiful. But choosing a hair color according to the skin tone can be quite a lot of work. So if you’re confused about which color would look good on your skin tone, then don’t worry because we’re here to clear your confusion. Let’s get started.

Know Your Skin Tone

Before jumping into the hair color for women and men, you should be familiar with your skin tone. There might be different Indian skin tones, but there are mainly two skin tones, and others are little variations. So let’s see what the two main skin tones are.

1. Warm

Warm color is a very common skin tone in India. It’s mainly seen in the middle and southern parts of India. It’s a beautiful skin tone where your skin color is slightly or fully dark, or we can say brownish. If your skin tone comes anywhere from light brown to dark brown, and in between, your skin tone will be considered warm.

2. Cool

Cool colors are light colors, so if you have a light skin tone, that means your skin tone is cool. It’s often seen in the eastern and northern sides of India. Light skin tone is mainly because of cold temperature; that’s why it’s referred to as cool skin tone.

Now let us talk about different colors that you can try, based on your skin tone:

1. Natural color

If you want thebest hair color for men and women, you should keep your hair in its natural color. This is because your hair’s natural color suits best on your skin tone no matter what it is. It’s one of the beautiful things that we’re born with. So our first choice would be to keep your hair in its natural color. However, if you still want a different color, you can try one of these below.

2. Brown

Brown color looks great both on warm and cool skin tones. So let’s see which shades of brown will suit each skin tone.

You can go for dark auburn, mushroom brown, chestnut, or dark chocolate if you have a warm skin tone.

You can try warm red, amber, golden brown, or caramel with blonde highlights if you have a cool skin tone.

3. Burgund

Burgundy hair color suits every skin tone beautifully. If you have a warm skin shade, you can opt for cooler shades of burgundy like magenta or plum. In contrast, burgundy that contains shades of red, such as mahogany, will suit well on cool skin tones.

4. Golden

You can go for golden blonde, strawberry blonde, blonde balayage, gold highlights, or honey blonde if your skin tone is warm. On the other hand, ash blonde, baby beige, and auburn blonde will look beautiful on cool skin tones.

5. Black

Black suits every face shade perfectly. Shades of black like jet black and reflective auburn would look like beautiful cool skin tones, and almost black and brown-black shade will go great with warm skin tones.


We hope that the next time you choose to color your hair, you won’t face any confusion because you have read our hair color ideas for different skin tones. So, choose the shade you like and inspire others with the same skin tone to get your hair color.

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