How to choose the right packaging for your shipment

In the field of logistics, protecting our products so that they arrive at their destination in perfect condition is crucial. At ANGETION EXPRESS, we want your exporting experience to be positive from start to finish, and we’ll show you how to guarantee your products are delivered in perfect condition. Ensuring the integrity of your cargo requires technical knowledge and involves considering the nature of the cargo. First, we will introduce some terms related to the packaging and protection of export goods:

Picking and packaging service?

It is common to confuse the terms picking and packing, so we would like to clarify the difference between them. Packaging refers to the packaging material that we use to protect travel merchandise. It also refers to the act of wrapping. Instead, the packaging contains some nuances. While it also contains and protects merchandise, it also presents a design designed to appeal to consumers.

In stores, for example, we find merchandise protected by picking and packing service, which in turn forms part of the brand’s image and is designed to be attractive. Therefore, the packaging of the shipment will be our materials (and the act of placing the goods) around the goods to be exported so that they arrive at the consignee in the best possible condition. The packaging also contains marketing tasks for the emotional perception of the product.

Choosing the Right Packaging: The Key to Delivering in Perfect Conditions

The same thoroughness required for the correct execution of procedures in exporting is the need to choose packaging that will protect the goods during their arrival at their destination. Although the professionals of the shipping company go out of their way to take care of your items, the shifting of different shipping methods can cause some sudden movements that can damage them. It should also be remembered that proper packaging can prevent items from being stolen or intentionally damaged. Even time effects during storage.

Choosing packaging that protects against all this possible damage isn’t just a matter for the big exporters. If you have an e-commerce business, no matter how small, reassuring buyers that they will receive the integrity of their purchase will help maintain your good image and reputation. As well as retaining them and standing out from the competition. That’s why you should also consider how this packaging should look. Everything surrounding your purchase must communicate your company’s values. Shipments from online stores must be both aesthetically and technically careful.

Choose the right size

Choosing standardized packaging or packaging will help strengthen our image and will definitely save us money. But if our products have different sizes and characteristics, the ideal product should have suitable and differentiated packaging. Opening a box full of protective material around a very small item can make it look like an inferior product. It might even generate a certain disappointment.

Commodity characteristics

Depending on how fragile the item is, it may be necessary to consider whether it is necessary to include a material in the packaging to protect the item from impact or stacking. Bubble wrap or wrapping paper will suffice. If not, a solution must be found to make travel completely safe.

Packaging customization

A shopping experience is a concept that encompasses more than just satisfaction with a purchase or price. It is a series of emotional inputs delivered to the customer in order to create a recognizable and representative image of all the values ​​and concepts that the business wishes to relate to. The customization of the packaging even allows online stores to “transfer” these sensations through shipping.

Colors, logos, materials, textures, and even aromas can all be used to add to the feeling of actually receiving a gift in the act of accepting a purchase. We have to take into account what our goal or purpose is and address it, being able to predict what their desires will be at the time of formal purchase. 

With ANGETION EXPRESS, shipments are delivered safely, organized, and documents in order, but the task of securing and transporting something more abstract through personalized packaging remains in the hands of the exporter. Doing the necessary tests to rule out and keep the right tests can do a lot for the proper functioning (and good results) of your e-commerce.

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