How To Create An Access Database Using VBA?


If you are an Excel user, you are probably wondering how to create an Access database using VBA. VBA is a powerful tool in Excel that allows you to create, manage, and maintain your database in various ways. You can easily refresh a SQL table using VBA. It’s also possible to convert macros into VBA modules. These features are especially useful for developers.

Convert Macros To VBA Modules

There are several ways to convert your Microsoft access database development with VBA modules. One way is to build your macros. You can save time and effort by not having to write VBA code. The other way is to create a global key assignment. The problem with building your macros is that you can’t use them for complex applications. Fortunately, you can convert your Access macros to VBA modules easily.

Macro Builder is a Microsoft Access application that lets you assemble your custom VBA macros. It has a more structured interface than the Visual Basic Editor. With it, you can add programming to objects and controls. In most cases, the code is preformatted so that you don’t have to learn to write VBA code from scratch. As a result, it’s the most effective solution for novice programmers, and it’s fast and easy.

Manually Add Controls To A Form Or Report

Creating a report or form in the Microsoft access database development with VBA is possible with the help of VBA. The process involves adding controls to the form or report and exporting it to PDF format. Before beginning, make sure you have an Access report in your database. You must first select its parent to add a control to a report or form by creating a fake rectangle that covers the controls you wish to add. You can also use Ctrl+A to select all controls. Once you have selected all controls, click inside the ruler and drag the control to the desired location. Similarly, you can use the ‘Remove Control’ shortcut to remove the control or group of controls.

Close A Database Without Closing Microsoft Access

When trying to close a Microsoft Access database, you may not see a close button on the toolbar, and you might wonder how to do that. The fact is that the close button does not exist in all cases, and there are several other ways to end the program without closing it. There are several ways to prevent crashes while working with your Microsoft access database development with VBA, including compiling your modules. You can also compile all modules and then open them. 

Launch Another Database From Within The Current Database

In Access VBA, you can launch another database from within the current one using the Open Current Database method. It simply opens a temporary connection with the database file name and path. You can also specify whether the database should run in exclusive or shared mode. You should call the method before exiting Access. When you call this function in Access VBA, it represents the database currently open in the current window of the application.

If you are an Excel user and want to create an Access database, VBA is the right tool for you. With VBA, you can easily create, manage, and maintain your Access database. So, what are you waiting for? Start learning VBA today!

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