How to Develop Your Signature Writing Style

Signature Writing Style

Have you ever picked up a book without looking at its title or author’s name but could distinguish who the author was just by its text? Did you wonder why this happened? How could you make out the author? They obviously left traces of their trademark writing style in the book which you could pick up on.

In fact, it would amaze you to learn that most great writers whose names have survived even after centuries of their physical existence, all of them had a unique style. Take Ernest Hemingway, Emily Bronte or Margaret Atwood. All these writers have a signature flair that they can be recognized by. If you have longed to develop one of your own, you have landed at the right place.

Let us help you by giving some pointers as to how you can achieve it.

1.  Be original

We can’t stress enough the significance of being original with your writing. You probably have heard this everywhere. “Be original!”, “Be real.” etc. The only thing we have to add to that is that you are free to learn from the excellent writers of history. In fact, it’s preferred. Use them for inspiration, but not for imitation.

When a new writer appears on the horizon, the audience is eager to find out the fresh ideas and perspectives they bring along. If it’s nothing unique from what is already out there, they probably won’t stick around for long. To grab your audience’s attention, you need to be original, you need to be new.

2. Derive from your experiences

The experiences you have are like your fingerprints, no other individual on this planet has had the same set of experiences. The combination of various experiences you’ve lived through shape who you are and make you stand out. What better way to show your individuality than to let it out through the means of your words? If you derive from them and write, your writing pieces will reflect the uniqueness that is you. Your tone, style and flair would be easily distinguishable from other writers if you follow this.

So, often go into the depths of your experiences and fish out the best and most unique of tales to narrate.

3.  Steer clear of clichés

Employing clichés in your writing is probably the quickest way to lose your reader’s interest. They arise from a complete lack of originality and creativity and bore the reader with their predictability curve. Cater to your reader’s demands by serving them what they’re looking for: something absolutely novel and unheard of. You would do well to avoid clichés if you hope to develop a unique writing style. A budding writer has many things to work on, developing his own writing style being only one of them. If you want to recruit an expert when it comes to refining your writing, we may have something for you.

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