How to Dress Your Newborn Baby at a Wedding

dress your newborn baby at a wedding

Newborn babies are a centre of attraction in any social gathering, with weddings topping the list. Girls dresses rank higher than boys’ outfits owing to the importance the bride has in weddings. Since a wedding is a celebration of love and family, consider dressing your infant well. A baby is a perfect reminder of love, life and marriage. 

Wedding Colour Theme

Fitting into the wedding theme is the ideal dress code. It makes the baby part of the event. Baby girl dresses can be white, with a touch of another colour as the waistband to break the monotony. The groom’s tie colour would be an ideal choice for the waistband. The blend makes the baby the centre of attraction at the wedding.

Baby boy can go with the groom’s colour theme. Grooms choose dark colours such as black, navy blue, grey or brown. Consider dressing the baby boy with a pair of shorts matching the groom’s colour theme and a light-coloured shirt. If you have shoulder straps in the same colour as the pair of shorts, it makes a perfect combination. 

Alternatively, you can opt to dress your baby in a different colour theme altogether. Since everyone will try to match their outfit with the wedding colour theme, the baby should stand out. Pink and wine-red outfits are good colours for baby girls, while blue and green look good on baby boys. However, the contrast should not be too loud to overshadow the event’s theme.

Matching Outfits

In case of 2 or more babies in the wedding, create matching outfits. Matching creates uniformity, shows planning and enforces concurrence. If both children are of the same gender, match their outfits depending on age. For boys, the older child can wear a pair of trousers while the infant puts on a pair of shorts. A boy and a girl can share the same colour theme for a dress and a pair of shorts or trousers. Matching outfits can consider the wedding colour theme or any other colour as discussed above.

Baby’s Comfort

Whatever you decide to clothe the child, consider the child’s comfort. Girls dresses should have buttons or zippers at the back. They should be loose around the neck to allow easy movement of the child’s head. Baby boy pair of shorts should have an elastic waist. It should not be too tight to allow expansion and contraction on the soft baby’s skin.

The cloth material should be cotton, broadcloth or voile To ensure maximum comfort. They allow skin respiration and general baby comfort, even if the air is too hot. In cold weather, ensure you have enough clothes to keep the body warm.

Another important aspect of baby comfort is the ease of cloth changing. If you want to change their diapers or the whole cloth altogether, taking them off should be easy. Consider using baby clothes with buttons around the bottom area. It saves time when changing the soiled diaper and keeps the baby’s upper body warm in the process.

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