How to Find Cheap LED Trucks For Ads

There are two major companies in the country that use LED trucks to market their products and services. LED Truck Media is one of them. It has over fifty trucks and thirty drivers across the country. Since it moved to San Diego in late 2018, it has experienced a 37% growth rate and hopes to double its revenue by the end of the year. The company has recently been making news in the media, as they’ve recently expanded into four new markets. They also expect to double their client base this year.
LED trucks for sale offer several benefits to companies. First, they give your company more exposure than a billboard. With LED trucks, your message gets to people all over town. That means your brand will get more exposure, which in turn will increase sales. Furthermore, the truck’s screen allows for video and slideshow ads. So, you’ll be able to promote your business without wasting a lot of money. You can even use this truck to transport your employees and goods.

LED Truck agencies charge $175 an hour for the service. The truck can be rented by companies that want to run video or static advertising. They also have roulette games on the sides, which allow players to enter their name and phone number and win a prize. The winners of the games will receive a text message from LED Truck Media, containing information about the prize they won. This type of data collection makes LED Truck Media unique among its competitors.

Another advantage of LED trucks for sale  is that they’re mobile billboards. You don’t have to spend a lot of money for a digital billboard, and you can easily replace multiple advertisements on a single truck with a laptop. And the best part is that digital truck advertising is an environmentally friendly and convenient option that doesn’t put you under a lot of financial stress. Low operating costs are important when deciding which product to buy.

Video trucks have super-bright outdoor LED displays. The pixels are 4.8mm and 3.9mm in black. They are capable of showing an unlimited number of images, full motion video files, and more. Additionally, they feature remote administration and a web-based management system. Throughout their production process, they employ over thirty technicians and people who work on each unit. There are several types of Spark digital video trucks. Learn more about apk

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