How To Find The Best Leased Line Deal

Are you looking for a high quality and reliable connectivity solution, it is worth considering a leased line connection. It is one of the most popular internet connections among businesses because it offers symmetrical speed, mixed bandwidth, low latency and many other benefits. However, the cost of a dedicated internet line is more than the other internet connection. That is why business owners are always looking for the best deals that offer cost-effective solutions. If you are also looking for a dedicated internet line best deal, you are in the right place.    

There are various strategies that you can use to get a good business leased line deal. Here we are describing some of them to help you. 

Make Evaluation Of Different Carriers

Several internet service providers are present in the UK offering dedicated internet line services. It is good to make an inclusive evaluation of different leased line providers because the cost and quality of service vary from provider to provider. With the increasing competition, network providers are offering more deals and packages to attract more customers. Other than that, the cost of a leased line also varies with the location of your business premises. Therefore, you should choose a provider who is present near your workplace. Your network provider will make an order of essential circuits from the wholesale providers. A secret of getting the most favourable deal is to gain access to the whole of the market and make price comparisons. 

Make Payments On Installation Charges 

If you consider making installation charges in the starting, it can help you in reducing your monthly payments. Some fibre leased line providers also offer free of cost installation if you sign for a more extended contract. These providers absorb installation cost, but they may charge it from you with interest throughout the contract’s life. Often, you can get better deals by considering paying installation costs in turn for the lower monthly payments. You must remember that installation cost is one-off, and the reduction in monthly costs is continuous. If you are moving to a new location, you have to set a budget for transferring your internet connection. If you have some move budget, it can help you in shifting business leased lines out of the typical IT budget.  

Use Leased Line For Carrying Phone Calls  

Your office phone system is connected with your public telephone through ISDN circuits. If you switch to SIP trunking, you can reduce the cost Of the ISDN circuit. It can also help you in lowering the call cost. You can then utilise these savings to subsidise your dedicated internet line cost. In addition, if you prioritise the traffic from the VoIP on the link, the quality of the call will not be affected.             

Buy Internet Access Pool 

If your business is present at different locations, you need a separate connection for each location. Suppose you have 3 -site WAN created from three 100Mb dedicated internet lines. You have to pay the cost of three different leased line connections. However, there is a better solution for such situations. You can purchase a 100Mb internet access pool and share it through WAN. This way you can reduce the cost of your internet connection.

We hope that the above strategies can help you in finding the best-leased line UK deals for your business. You should also determine your business needs for finding the right deal. It is always better to consider the demand for an internet speed of your business currently and in future, the speed you need and your budget. All of this can help you in finding the right quote in accordance with your business needs. 

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