How to Have Your Own Photo Printed On Canvas!

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Could your wall use a boost? A photo on canvas makes your wall shine, but of course your own photo on canvas completely. In this blog I will tell you a little more about a photo printed on canvas. This makes it easier for you to choose which format you go for, which photo you will have printed on canvas and in which room you will hang your own photo on canvas.

You can easily create a photo printed on canvas with Printerpix photo software. You choose a design, add your photo and order! Would you rather make a photo collage? A photo collage is also easy to make with their design tool.  This way you only have to add your favorite photos.

What is canvas?

Canvas is a popular material made from raw, stretchy cotton. A photo on canvas has a classic effect, which gives your room a nice look. Canvas is very popular, this is because every photo actually comes into its own on canvas. Canvas also fits perfectly into any interior.

The advantages of a photo on canvas

Canvas is not only very beautiful to look at, but canvas also has many advantages. Canvas is very light, you don’t need heavy screws to hang your photo on canvas. With Printerpix, all mounting materials for your photo on canvas are included (for a small extra charge), which is very handy! A canvas does not need a frame, it already looks super stylish! Would you rather have a frame around your canvas† This is of course also possible! Canvas is very strong, your photo on canvas will last for years. Has your canvas gotten dirty? You can easily clean your photo on canvas with a damp cloth.

Normal or luxury canvas?

With canvas you can choose between a photo on canvas and a photo on luxury canvas. There is one big difference. A photo on canvas has a thickness of 2 cm, a photo on luxury canvas has a thickness of 4 cm and therefore a more luxurious appearance.

Before you start working on your photo on canvas, it is important that you collect the photos that you want to use for this in one place. This can be done in various ways. Create a folder on your computer with the name “Canvas January 2018” for example and put in the photos you think you want to use. On Printerpix it is also possible to upload your photos in other ways.

Via My device you go to the folders on your phone, tablet or computer. If you choose Printerpix, you go to the folder with photos that you have saved on Printerpix. Click on the Facebook icon to connect to your Facebook account and add photos from your Facebook profile. It is also possible to upload your photos via Google Photos. With Google Photos it is important that you have all the photos in folders before uploading your photos. The photos that are automatically linked, but are not in folders are not seen by Printerpix and cannot be uploaded.   Do you have a great Instagram profile and would you like to print photos from your Instagram on canvas? Then you use the Instagram icon and your photos that you have ever uploaded on Instagram will appear here.

Determine the colors of your canvas

Before you just have your favorite photo printed on canvas, it is important to see what suits you. Do you have a white house and a tight house? Then it might be very cool to have a photo printed in black and white on canvas. Or do you opt for a photo with bright colors, so that it provides a great contrast with your calm interior. In a robust room like the one above, I personally think it’s very cool to have a black and white photo hanging. Of course, a lot also depends on your taste, but I’ll try to give you some ideas and tips.

A colorful picture for the nursery

In a children’s room it is nice to work with a little more color. You can of course opt for soft colors, but a personal canvas with beautiful colors will immediately give the children’s room a completely different look.

A collage on canvas

A beautiful photo on canvas is already very personal, but it can be even more unique and special! How cool is it to have your photo printed in sepia? Or do you go for all small photos of your wedding day? Make a beautiful photo collage and enjoy your most beautiful moments on the wall every day.

Multiple canvases on the wall!

Would you like to have several photos on the wall, but a collage is not quite your thing? Then go for a photo gallery on canvas.  Have multiple photos printed on multiple canvases and create a beautiful collage on your wall! The nice thing about this is that in a few years you can have 2 canvases replaced for a great effect.

The best quotes on the wall!

Do you have some super nice photos that you want to have printed on canvas, but do you want to give your wall a little more atmosphere? Find some nice quotes on the internet and have them printed! The quotes create a playful effect between your photos!

All in all, there is plenty of choice! Still in doubt? Then just take a look at all the options for a photo on canvas at our website.

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