How To Hire a DevOps Engineer?

DevOps Engineer

Hiring a perfect candidate for any firm is not an easy job. Basically, it is a long process with multiple levels. For the efficient and smooth functioning of a brand, it is important to hire skilled and talented employees. As we know, a DevOps engineer comes in a combo of skills in the development and operational management of the firm. Therefore, we would be throwing some light on how you can recruit a perfect DevOps engineer for your firm. 

The DevOps Qualification: 

Although there is no “minimum qualification” required to be a DevOps engineer yet many hiring companies look for candidates from a computer science or related background, along with a degree in technical, the candidate is also to enhance their knowledge in cloud technologies like Microsoft Azure, AWS, Terraform, etc. Moreover, a DevOps Foundation Training adds credibility to a DevOps engineer.

Apart from the different above-mentioned technologies, the candidate is also expected to be updated with his coding skills in the area and other technical skills like operations, automation, configuration, and most importantly, organization!

What To Look In A Suitable DevOps Engineer  

The step of Pre-screening is initiated by first considering the CVs of the potential candidates and further nominating the best ones. Since it is a crucial step, I will provide you with some essential tips to select a suitable DevOps engineer, which are:

  • They must have a DevOps Foundation certification to be qualified for applying for DevOps opportunities. 
  • The candidate should have basic knowledge about coding and scripting.
  • They should be able to design, build and operate a technology stack along with expertise in operational experience in Linux/Unix, etc.
  • They must be good listeners and have a good command of English speaking and writing skills.
  • A perfect candidate should be able to lead a team.
  • The candidate should be able to be swift in thinking and have the required soft skills.
  • Be observant but also keep a scope of various domains that the candidate might be better at and would hence be an asset to the firm.
  • You must know your needs as a recruiter. You must be clear on what skills and talents are needed for your firm to stand out in the crowd.
  • Cliché job hunting sites are okay but think out of the box to develop your own recruitment hunt and come up with a custom-made announcement and hiring calls.
  • Keep your networks up to date. Not only will it keep you in the field, but it will also help you grow your connections as a whole.

In DevOps Hiring, Dave Zwieback states that the first step in breaking down the silos that keep candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers focused on divergent outcomes is identifying a common goal. 

Process Of Hiring DevOps Engineer

Four stages, given below, follow the recruitment of DevOps Engineer:

  1. Pre-Screening: This is the first stage of recruitment, where CVs are sorted out and categorized! Most appropriate candidates are selected for the second stage after having their on-screen interview with the person recruiting them. Our HR expert of the firm keeps a check on DevOps’ soft skills and provides details of the company. 
  2. Command Over Language: English is the most prominent language spoken worldwide, and the need to have good communication skills is the need of the hour. We hire DevOps engineers by checking how they communicate and how the pronunciation of the words is done. The proficiency of the candidate is stringently checked and analyzed by the experts. 
  3. Technical Assessment: The third stage of technical assessment is a strenuous step where we use a highly elevated AI-enabled technology to test the skills of the candidate and know the degree of their knowledge and problem-solving tactics.
  4. Final Listings: After a rigorous selection process, the final list of the selected candidates is announced, which is followed by another HR round where the candidates and the recruiter have a detailed discussion for the job descriptions (Roles and responsibilities), remuneration (Salary negotiation), and other functioning related aspects related to job hiring, position, and the company policies!

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Basically, hiring is a process that requires an ample amount of knowledge in different fields, but more importantly, the person involved in the hiring process should be able to identify talent from afar! And thus, in this article, we have gone through the tips that we can follow for selecting a suitable candidate to be a DevOps engineer and the essential stages of recruitment of these skilled developers that are absolutely necessary!

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