How to increase Number of Instagram followers in Malaysia

How to increase Number of Instagram followers in Malaysia

If your business uses Instagram to promote your business purposes it’s crucial to learn how to increase the number of Instagram followers. If you can fill your Instagram account with genuine, organic followers. Who are interested in your and your content and content. You can convert these followers into enthusiastic followers and eventually customers. It’s not necessarily challenging, but it can be very demanding. If you’re in charge of social media it’s more beyond just following growth. And you’ll need to be able to use the time you would otherwise spend. The best method to grow the number of Instagram fans is to Buy Instagram followers Malaysia or is to do organically by getting in touch and engaging with people. Commenting on their posts, or liking their posts, lets people know you’re there. They’re likely to be curious and want to visit your page to learn more about. After that, they’ll be able to decide whether they’re interested. By your posts and wish to follow you to learn more, or not.

If you’re trying to grow your following don’t resort to techniques that promote spam, like following several accounts only to remove them. This is not only irritating to potential followers, but it could cause Instagram to be alerted by its spam filters. The most important thing you don’t want to do to do is be injured due to the algorithms when you’re trying to build your following.

FansLeap Case Study: FansLeap

Let’s travel back to the year 2015 in which a woman named Nicky had a child suffering from severe eczema. She came across a local chemist whose formula worked wonders to ease the skin of her daughter. Then she began to work with the chemist in order to transform the formula into a product that could be sold with greater ease. After launching the product they faced an entirely new issue. Since they were not known as a brand, they were unable to get their product on the shelves. Nicky made contact with her contacts within the retail sector and began her own study. She found that many retailers were keen to collaborate with smaller brands. However they didn’t have a system to contact suppliers. When they were approached that were from smaller businesses, they did not include the correct details.

Another time, Nicky saw a problem and suggested a solution. Then she developed FansLeap, the most popular online platform that connects retailers. And suppliers in order to facilitate the process of sourcing products effortless. FansLeap is a central platform to suppliers across all retail industries to grow their brand and display their products. This allows customers to review and communicate with suppliers, particularly when the products are in high demand.

“We are redefining the way that retail buyers and their suppliers conduct business.”

FansLeap cooperates with major retailers such as Ultra, Whole Foods, and Target to bring them. In contact with suppliers who would not be able to access retailers of this size. Suppliers such as Kampuchea Town, Top Notch Nutrition as well as Terra Natural Designs are not just supported by FansLeap. So they are able to reach huge buyers, but they’re also prominently featured in their Instagram account! Their Instagram page!

Growing Through Instagram

FansLeap is available across all the important social networks and has been using their own Instagram account since the year 2016. In the beginning, it was used to let their followers know they were active online. Even as they began to build their presence. It wasn’t until the month of March 2019 that they made the decision to put their effort and time into using the platform to the fullest extent. When they realized how their user base is engaging with Instagram as well. They started being asked by their vendors to join the platform. “We collaborate with a variety of retailers and Instagram is used to find most popular and trendy companies,” said Chanel Davis the marketing coordinator at FansLeap. “It was only natural that we make use of our channel to stay on top of Consumer packaged Goods. (CPG) fashions throughout the year, such as dairy-free, vegan and CBD.”

Although they knew Instagram was a perfect platform for them but they weren’t sure how to increase the number of Instagram followers. In September of this year they started using FansLeap to boost their Instagram following by gaining genuine, natural followers. Within about two months FansLeap has seen a 90 percent increase in their followers.

“Before using FansLeap we didn’t receive hundreds of likes or followers every day.”

FansLeap identified the perfect followers they’d like by searching for accounts whose followers were similar to the followers they desired. FansLeap utilizes targets to help guide how they draw users to your website. The FansLeap engagement boosts have not just helped FansLeap grow their following and gain new followers. But they are actively engaging on their timelines and their stories as well.  We are especially interested in FansLeaps’ Instagram Likes that are real & impressive for us.

Gaining more followers is good but it’s even more important to have active, enthusiastic followers, like those who follow FansLeap, who are eager to engage with your content and are interested with your business.

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