How to introduce a quote in an essay

When you order essay online and are not sure which style to use, the experts will often advise you to opt for MLA. Indeed, many educational institutions follow the guidelines of this association. That’s why you need to master the peculiarities of this writing style. It’ll reflect in your grades and your confidence later.

The Modern Language Association (MLA) provides grammatical rules for writing most academic papers in the humanities. You can be assured of complying with the strict MLA citation format if you obtain as much information as possible from other periodicals and online sources before writing your paper. MLA style must be written with the section “List of references”.

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Start with the name of the author

Similar to quoting in the middle of the text, you need to begin the list of references by indicating the author. But when citing in the list of literature, you will need only the author’s initials. Start with the author’s surname, then put whom and indicate the author’s initials with dots.

For example: One author: “Smith, J.” If you have more than one author, the quote will be: “Smith, J., Devis, D., and Baxter, R.”

Indicate the date of publication in the quote

The next step will be to write the date of publication in the arcs. For example: “Smith, J., Devis, D., and Baxter, R. (1995).

Write the full title of the book

Now you need to write the title of the book. Unlike other types of quotations, in APA you have to write only the first word of the title and the first word of the subtitle. The subtitle is written with a double spelling. All words in the title must be italicized.

In our case it would look like this: “Smith, J., Devis, D., and Baxter, R. (1995). The World in its Own Words: Why It Happens. “In this case, the headline is “The World in its Own Words,” and the subtitle is “Why It Happens. Then you have to add a mottling.

Indicate the place and state where the book was published

The place of publication is usually listed on the title page or on the back of the book. If more than one city is listed, choose the one closest to you. Use postal shorthand of the state and do not put dots between the letters. Put a comma between the city and the state.

If the book was published in New York City, the citation will read as follows: “Smith, J., Devis, D., and Baxter, R. (1995). The world in its own words: Why it happens. New York, NY. “

Add the name of the publishing company

Put a double line between the name of the state and the name of the publisher. For example, the book was published by Treehouse Publishers. The example would read as follows: “Smith, J., Devis, D., and Baxter, R. (1995). The world in its own words: Why it happens. New York, NY: Treehouse Publishers. “

You need to understand what a paragraph is

The most important thing you should do is use a whole paragraph. This means that the first line of each quotation must be on the left side, but each subsequent line must begin with a paragraph.

All quotations must begin with a long opening paragraph, if they are very long

To make a long paragraph, you need to select the quotes and then use the line at the top of the page. Press the line down and move the cursor to the 1.25 cm mark.

The list of literature should be made with the help of the double-line interval

 The column must have a vertical line-by-line interval. You need to see the text and press the right mouse button. Find “Paragraph” in the drop-down list. Under “Interval” you will see “Interlinear Interval”. Select “Interlinear”.

Extra tips

  • It is not necessary to indicate the page number in quotations in the middle of the text, if you do not make a direct quote. But readers will be easier to find information if you do, so it is desirable to include the page number in the formatting.
  • Of course, citations vary depending on the type of resource (a magazine article differs from a book, for example), but knowing the basics will simplify the process, if you are trying to cite something more complicated.
  • The use of quotations in the text is by no means difficult. Find a good quote, circle it and insert it in your essay.

Indicate authors’ names and page numbers when quoting directly from or paraphrasing the entire text of your work

This information should be written in round letters, such as “This led to the exclusion of the Baker family” (Cooper 16). Note the dot after the arches and the fact that there is no comma in the case of one participant.

Indicate the page numbers on which the article is located

For a short article, it can be one page. For long articles, you should indicate the first page and the last one, with a deflection between them.

If you cite a scientific journal, indicate the volume after the title

Do not italicize it or put a mottling in front of the title and volume.

Write the title of the article in the feet

If there is a subtitle, it should also be written with a dash between the title and the subtitle.

Skip the author’s name if you are quoting an anonymous article

Do not include the word “anonymous” at the beginning of the quote.

Read the citations from the author’s instructions

First, you must write the names of the authors, and then the names of the authors. This applies to magazines, newspapers, various reviews, editorial and scientific articles in digital and online form.

Write an “and” between two authors and a “and” (no serials) if you list three names. You must list up to three authors associated with this or other work.

If the article is written by more than three authors, you must write the name of the first author and then “et al.

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