How To Optimise Your Content Before Publishing On Web?



All the right elements for your content won’t really serve any purpose if the search engine fails to find it. Therefore, before you decide to publish it, you must go through some steps which after taking will ensure that your content is fully and effectively optimized. 

If you understand the need for SEO and optimization that helps you grow more, then you should find out some time and bring some attention to optimization. 

In this article, we will be talking about how to optimize your content before publishing on web. We will mention the steps and elaborate on them as much as possible. Read the article from the beginning to the end.

How To Optimise Your Content Before Publishing On Web?

We need a plan before doing anything actually, but when it comes to really important things like bringing traffic to your content, you must focus on things that do bring traffic. Here are some ways that will teach you at the end of the article to optimize your content before publishing it.

Do Mild Optimization 

Since you have decided to optimize your content, you will be needing some important and relevant links to add. As well as a few keywords to grab the attention of search engines. 

Some writers make the huge mistake of putting the links and keywords where they think it fits. 

Then what is the right way? 

The right way is to add search engine optimization elements after you are done composing everything, in that way it will stick out. Readers generally cannot overlook some random links and words that have been added but do not naturally fit in the content. 

Writers used to put words into their writing meaninglessly, where nine of the words used to make sense. Then from the year 2011 google started Panda Penalties, for low-quality keyword stuffed content. 

To know how to write high-quality content with natural embedded links you first know your topic and the target audience. You will have to find the right keyword and all the important links.

Once you have the optimization elements in mind while you write, you will come up with a way to add them without forcing. 

Start Reader Friendly Formatting 

In a world full of people with short attention spans or skimmers, you will have to create content that makes them stay and read the whole article without exiting the page. You need to format your content for this. 

There are plenty of ways that your content needs to remain still with the reader’s attention. Focus on the following to know them better. 

  • Make a headline that has the main keyword. 
  • Give subtitles with the main or relevant keywords. 
  • Use H1, H2, H3.
  • The first paragraph of the content must have the main keyword. 
  • Put images with ALT attribute. 
  • Place the keywords in the article that shows flow. 
  • Read more information for improving and ranking your content well in Google.

Focus On the Length And Readability 

While blogging, don’t keep writing, focus on the length, because you just have to give readers what they want to know, too much information is just a waste of your time. You can write with 1000 words, with a readability score of 60-70 points. Which is what the experts in content writing suggest. 

You can always let others go through your article, blog whatsoever. Because having a second pair of eyes can help you out with the pers[ective that you had while you wrote the piece, therefore you can make changes and give the audience what they want. Check out the free theme

You must use some online tools to improve your writing, the tools are really helpful, as sometimes we don’t catch the small little grammar mistakes, which they do. You can look for Grammarly, Easy, Readable and GradeProof. 

Add Social Media Elements

Social media is the perfect platform where you can spread your awareness for different kinds of things you think are valid. It is as well as very good at content optimization. 

If you want your content to be optimized fully, then you have to keep your audience and readers in mind who spend their time sharing your content with their friends and family. Think of something cool, like adding sharing buttons and locating them strategically. Nothing from the top to the bottom of your page should distract your readers. 

Adding sharing buttons is a wise choice for SEO as it helps in generating more traffic, more links and gradually increasing SERPs.

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Add Comment Sections 

Comments and feedback are a great way to grow your bond with the readers. It establishes a certain relationship and provides some further insight into the subject that you are talking about. Let me tell you something really very interesting, the comment section can also turn into an optimization tool.

Comments are the one that keeps the content fresh and updated. The part of the content will only matter if they consist of high-quality links and targeted keywords. Your readers might ask you about much other different content which will eventually attract shares and backlinks. 

You will have to think about signaling Google that you care about providing content with value to your readers, which is always going to get appreciated.

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Wrapping It All Up 

Here you go with How To Optimise Your Content Before Publishing On Web, and all its ways to do it. 

Once you read everything seriously and even apply it in the right way you will definitely master the art of optimizing. 

Leave a comment in the comment section, and I really hope this article has helped you out somehow. 

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