As American Politician Byron Dorgan said, “Hard  Work and Smart Work can be two different things.” In today’s competitive world working smart  becomes more than necessary. Today we bring you a smart strategy to prepare for Class 7 Maths Olympiad which will help you in clearing the exam with flying colours. 

Science Olympiad Foundation organizes the well  known Maths Olympiad or IMO as it is commonly called. It comprises 2 levels. First level consists  of logical and mathematical questions whereas the second level consists of pure mathematics. 

The maximum topics (approximately 70%) of first  level syllabus are from previous class chapters but  the exam tests the students in the application of  concepts. The level of questions is advanced but  regular practice is the key to success. 

The Olympiad contains multiple choice questions, so you have to prepare likewise. There are several study materials that have multiple choice questions along with their correct answers and explanations. provided with correct answers with explanations. The IMO (International  Olympiad) book provides a lot of amazing and interesting MCQs along with their detailed illustrations. It is recommended by teachers that students should practice as many questions as they can in this book for best preparation for the International  Olympiad.

IMO provides students with the opportunity to understand these key characteristics that a typical classroom atmosphere does not give. In school, kids are eager to compete with their peers, and their parents and teachers put pressure on them to study by rote and get good grades. IMO, on the other hand, needs a solid foundation of fundamentals as well as a clear knowledge of concepts. Rote learning, in my opinion, never helps; they must be fast thinkers. While the pressure never goes away, kids do receive the opportunity to comprehend why these things are taught. It also prepares the students for future competitive exams.

Step 1:- Understand the syllabus 

First and foremost be thorough with the topics.  

Step 2:- Plan your studies:

As it is said ONE WHO FAILS TO PLAN, PLANS  TO FAIL. This step is essential. Once you have understood the syllabus, prepare a timetable to cover each and every topic. As the exam is  conceptual, first understand the concepts. For this  NCERT books can be referred or can watch Youtube videos for better understanding. 

Step 3:- Regular Practice:

Practice makes a man perfect. As soon as a topic  gets completed practice the questions from the IMO  Work book. One can also solve past papers which  are available on 

A lot of students leave the practice at the last moment or do not practice at all and as a result, feel the  pressure on exam day. In order to not get a panic attack in the exam, hall Practice is a must. 

Some important points to remember:-

Time management– This exam is MCQ based but time constraint is the real hurdle that can be overcome by regular practice. 

Dedication– APJ Abdul Kalam said, “Work With  Integrity Succeed With Integrity”. Avoid  Distractions while studying and focus only on studies. REMEMBER YOUR GOAL. 

Revision– Revising the formulas and concepts  within regular intervals is also important 

Tracking– While you are regularly practising make sure you are also tracking your progress. It will boost your confidence and motivate you to do better. Do not forget that only 5% of the students are able to clear level one. The only reason is they fail to check their progress regularly. 

Furthermore keep yourself calm, composed and patient. Rome was not built in a day. Similarly, you will see your performance improving as weeks pass by. Believe in yourself and work passionately towards your goal

The referral book is provided by the organization itself. The IMO Book for Class 6 is an updated version which is not just for the students who are appearing for the Olympiad exams, but it can also help those students who want to be good in mathematics and practice a high level of maths. This is a workbook that contains exercises of the general school board syllabus. All the questions in the workbook are multiple choices type questions. Every question has its right answer given along with explanations.

This referral book has its contents supervised by the Subject Matter Experts and is perfect for the class 6 students to excel in mathematics. If a student wants to score a good score in the Olympiad, then this book is highly recommended as it can help them to excel in their logical skills and exercise various types of questions that they may come across in the exam.

General tips to prepare

  • You may begin by studying the higher class ncert science mathematics books. Try solving all the questions and problems given in the NCERT books and after that, you may jump to higher-level books.
  • After completing all the NCERT books, the student should be exposed to PRE RMO, astronomy Olympiad, ZCO, etc. These exams may help him increase his interest in Science, specifically Mathematics.
  • If the student has chosen to appear in Mathematics just like a lot of students, then it’s okay. But do introduce them to other subjects as well so that the students may expand the horizons.
  • You may choose any good course to prepare for the exam. There are big Universities that are most probably open throughout the year. Do not hesitate to check upon MIT or Stanford as they are highly recommended for providing one of the best courses for preparation.
  • Keep doing exercises and exploring the books by solving as many problems that you can. Practice will make you perfect, the more you practice, the more you will be closer to victory.
  • There are other subjects that a student opt for like International Science, GK, English, Computer, Essay, Drawing and Social Studies.

You can refer to Class 10 IMO Question Paper 2012.

All the best!!

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