How to Prepare General Studies for ESE? What are the Best Books to Prepare for ESE General Studies?

ESE or Engineering Services Examination

ESE or Engineering Services Examination is an exam for engineering students in India. UPSC conducts annual recruitment to recruit engineers in four sectors, including Civil, Mechanical, Electronics and Telecommunication, and Electrical. These jobs are specified basically for techno-managerial posts. Therefore, preparing for this examination requires a person to be diligent. The selection procedure is equally difficult as the position holds high respect and dedication in multiple managerial and technical fields.

The exam is followed by a two-stage written evaluation of the candidate and an interview stage. ESE is one of the difficult examinations held in India, with few posts available. The ESE general studies paper enhances the chance to add an extra edge in the ESE preliminary exam. A scoring topic must be dealt with with a proper strategy. Here, in this article, we will briefly look at the General studies paper for ESE.

Exam Structure

Before we move ahead with the General Studies paper, let us understand the structure of the paper. The basic structure of the examination constitutes a two-stage written examination with an additional stage of the interview. Paper I consists of General studies and Engineering aptitude and paper II Engineering discipline in the preliminary stage. After clearing the preliminary exam of ESE, the candidate will sit for the main exam, which is also divided into two papers of Engineering Discipline. After clearing stage I and stage II, the candidate will be shortlisted for Stage III, the personality test, through a personal interview.

Important Tips for Preparing for the General Study Paper

The general study paper of ESE carries a high weightage of 200 marks. It is a very scoring paper, so the candidate must tackle it with utmost importance. This is a tricky scoring paper and needs to be handled by keeping certain basic tricks in mind. 

  • Having a thorough look at previous year’s papers.
  • Staying updated with society’s relevant issues, including national, economic, social, or industrial development.
  •  To have a general understanding of every topic.
  • Remember the important terms thoroughly.
  • The aim should be to understand the basic idea related to each topic and stay updated with current issues.
  • Create a mind- map for better execution of the paper.

Books That Would Help in Preparing for ESE General Studies

ESE Exam preparation for General Studies requires a person to be smart and solve the paper tactfully. To better grasp the topic, a person could keep themselves updated with current affairs and get the basic crux of each topic. In 2021, we can find many books online or offline that claim to be best for ESE General Studies. Before you go ahead and purchase, have a good look at the book’s contents or refer to BYJU’s Exam Prep.

What are the Perks Obtained after Clearing ESE?

The candidate, after clearing the ESE final stage, are designated with class 1 officers as a part of various ministries and departments of the Government of India, and they are: 

  1. Railways
  2. Telecom
  3. Borders
  4. Naval Armaments
  5. Ordnance factories
  6. Central Public Works Department
  7. Central Warehousing Corporation 
  8. National Highways Authority of India
  9. Indian Defence Service of Engineers
  10. Military Engineer Services


Preparing for this exam seems taxing, but once the candidate clears each stage with a flourishing approach, every ounce of hard work feels relevant. After clearing the exam, the candidate gets an opportunity to meet the President and have a thrilling experience across mountains. In contrast, getting trained and having job security is essential to bring a visible change in society. Finally, the most important aspect is respect and reputation gained with the job profile.

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