How to remove facial hair at home

How to remove facial hair at home

How to remove facial hair at home?

Man’s skin is mostly covered with hair. But despite their protective role, many people want to get rid of it permanently. However, the question that remains is: how to remove facial hair permanently at your home?


To get rid of hairs without damaging your face, tweezers are a very practical and less expensive solution.

By pulling on the pliers, it exerts pressure to pull out the hairs and their roots. This slows down hair regrowth (two to three weeks) until it is eradicated. However, it is a method which requires time and therefore patience. It is therefore recommended for women who wish to remove hair over time.


Just like the tweezers, the wax also helps to pull out the hairs as well as their roots.

It delays hair regrowth for at least three weeks. It can be practiced in an institute or at home. If you want to make your homemade wax recipe, just mix 10 lumps of sugar, 3 tablespoons of lemon juice and water to the height of a lump of sugar. It is then necessary to heat the whole while mixing it from time to time using a spatula. Once ready, apply the cooled wax on the part to be depilated and then remove it with a sudden gesture. The operation will be repeated if necessary until the complete disappearance of the hairs.

Electric hair removal

Still called electrolysis, electric hair removal is one of the hair removal treatments that permanently get rid of facial hair.

It is a very safe method for epilation and which adapts to light hairs and isolated hairs. It consists in burning the hairs and their bulbs by weak electric charges. The bulbs being the base of the hairs, their disappearance causes a probability of regrowth very made or even nonexistent of the hairs. It is an inexpensive method, not very painful and which is strongly recommended for women with coarse, numerous hairs and rapid regrowth.

Laser hair removal

Like electric hair removal, it is a method that aims to destroy the hair bulbs. However, it does not operate on non-pigmented hairs such as red hairs, white hairs ,…. Thus, the non-pigmented hair bulbs can activate gradually after the operation and give and give new hair. However, it is very effective and can pluck several hairs at the same time.

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Other natural methods

When women ask themselves the question of  how to remove facial hair at home permanently, there are several techniques available to them.

The natural methods of waxing the face are very effective, inexpensive but require time.

They are diverse and can take the form of a mask. This is the case with the chickpea flour mask which effectively removes unwanted facial hair and dead skin cells.

To do this, you need 2 tablespoons of chickpea flour, 1 tablespoon of sour cream, a teaspoon and a half of milk and ¾ teaspoon of turmeric. Everything will be mixed and the paste applied to the area to be depilated for about 20 minutes (repeat it 3 to 4 times a week until the hairs are eradicated).

Are you bothered by facial hair? Choose a method of hair removal and make your face attractive. It is recommended to moisturize your skin after waxing to keep it more supple and softer.

Hair removal operations according to parts of the face

The choice of hair removal method depends on the area where they are placed. A depilation operation can sometimes be inappropriate in one place but effective in others. Here are some recommendations to permanently remove hair from each part of the face.

  • The mono-eyebrow in Frida Kahlo: these are the more pronounced hairs located on the forehead and which meet at the eyebrows. If you want to get rid of it, using the tweezers will do the trick if you have little to remove. On the other hand, if there are many, six to seven laser sessions are recommended to eliminate them permanently.
  • The cheeks of a werewolf: those are the hairs which are located at the level of the cheek. If you ever think of ripping that down, you should expect the hairs to get thicker and more pigmented, regardless of the depilation method used. This is why cosmetic doctors only recommend the use of a cream to slow regrowth. But for those who want to eliminate them, laser sessions (on prescription) followed by electric hair removal are recommended.
  • The Jose Bove mustache: concerns the hairs located on the upper lip. In general, women also have them, although they are basically invisible. Using depilatory wax on this area will allow the hair to pass to the terminal stage. This is why four laser sessions, spaced 28 days apart, are recommended to get rid of it.
  • The hairs protruding from the nose: although the hairs of the nose have the role of filtering the dust, their protrusions are not aesthetic to the face. And to get rid only of those protruding hairs, the tweezers seem the most suitable solution, otherwise a small electric trimmer will also do the trick.
  • The mandibular line: this is a down on the jaw area, which represents the beard in men. But there are also women who have hair there. The recommended hair removal procedure, to eradicate them for good, is the laser. After three or four laser sessions, we move on to electric hair removal sessions, prescribed by the doctor.
  • Granny’s goatee: those are the hairs that grow on the chin. If there are not too many of them, they can be removed with the tweezers. Otherwise, the best option to remove them is the laser.

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