How to Report a Dangerous Driver: Best Tips to Follow

Report a Dangerous Driver

Driving is inherently risky, and as such, dangerous drivers have no place on the road. Every now and again, you will find a driver with a blatant disregard for themselves and other drivers on the road and may want to report them. There are a few methods for reporting, all of which you will find broken down below.

It Can Vary

The first thing to note when it comes to reporting dangerous drivers is that the process can look different for every state. It also depends on the situation. 

You will want to touch up on your local laws to ensure you’re doing the best thing for your locality, but generally, there are three actions for the next time you spot a dangerous driver. For example, in California, you would contact the highway patrol.

Option One: Calling the Police

If a driver is seriously reckless and you believe there is imminent danger, you should call 911. This is especially true when there is a suspected intoxicated driver on the road as their inhibitions can risk everyone they pass.

Option Two: Online Reporting

Your locality may allow for online submissions that detail a dangerous driver. Depending on your location, you may find an app or website for your city to simply warn other residents. That may also include the local police department. 

However, there is also a national database that you can log information into. This is not the best option for in-the-moment transgressions and should instead be reserved for afterward and less serious offenses.

Option Three: Contact the Company

While it may be less likely, a driver in a branded vehicle may be driving recklessly. Whether it is a delivery truck, government car, or other, they often come with a number to call for reporting on the driving. 

Try your best to remember it and call when you’re stopped or have a passenger dial and report the problem. If you cannot remember the full phone number, try to remember a partial license plate and company name for reporting.

Tips On How to Report a Dangerous Driver

1.       Don’t Get in the Way

While playing hero seems like a logical step to stop the dangerous driver from harming anyone, it may only complicate things. Say you try to cut off the driver in hopes of causing them to stop. Depending on their state, this may only aggravate them and cause them to become more aggressive, harming you and potentially many more. If you’re caught up in an accident involving a dangerous driver, be sure to speak with someone urgently.

2.       Document All Details

If you’re planning to report the driver to authorities or afterward to an online database, be sure to record as many details as possible. This can be difficult if you’re the only one in your vehicle as you can’t write details down but try to remember them. The color, make, model, and direction can all be very helpful. If you have a dashcam, that can also make everything much easier.

3.       Don’t Be Reckless Yourself

While you may want to get as much information as possible to avoid missing anything important, don’t risk yourself. This can go for getting too close to the dangerous driver or even taking out your phone to write details in your app or take a picture. The last thing the road needs is an additional reckless driver when one is already causing issues.

4.       Describe the Wrongdoing

There are many ways to be a dangerous driver these days. Whether it be a distraction by devices, intoxication, or simply not caring, recklessness manifests in many ways. As you try to remember the details of who the wrongdoer is, also take note of what they’re doing. Are they swerving? Or is the problem tailgating and speeding? This can help to identify the perpetrator and indicate the problem.


Dangerous drivers pose a risk to themselves and any other innocent driver on the road. It’s important to not only remain vigilant but also contact the proper outlet to report the dangerous driving. 911 should be reserved for worst-case scenarios, but if you’re unsure, it is better to be safer than sorry. Following the tips outlined in this piece, you can efficiently report the transgressor and problem, making the road a safer place for everyone. 

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