How to roll blunt wraps like a pro in seconds?

blunt wraps

What are blunt wraps? 

Blunts are cigar-like wraps used to roll and smoke cannabis. These can also be made using tobacco leaf wrappers. 

If internet sources are to be believed, blunts originated in New York to make pot smoking a discreet activity, among other things. 

This post will discuss how you can roll perfect blunt wraps for an exclusive smoking experience. 

Rolling Blunt Wraps

What makes blunt, a blunt?

–The blunt wraps. 

The higher the quality of the blunt wrappers, the better the smoke will be. Conventionally, this means getting your hands on the top cigar brands; however, doing so can be costly as you only want the wrapper while discarding its contents, which you also paid for but now have no use for.

What a waste. 

As is the case, the cannabis industry is full of creative people, and it soon devised a clear plan for blunt wraps. Now, there are many brands producing blunt wrappers/tobacco fillers alike the rolling paper used for joints. Plus, blunt wrappers are also available in multiple flavors for every taste. 


How to Roll Cannabis Flowers With Blunt Wraps? 

The foremost benefit of blunt wraps is that they eliminate the need of buying and semi-wasting cigars while also having to split and remove the innards. The blunt wraps are available on the market in ready-to-roll form. 

How do you prepare a blunt wrap? 

Preparing Blunt Wraps

For rolling a blunt, you must prepare the other materials, both of which are required or optional. 

Cannabis Bud

Make sure your dried herb is of high quality for the extended experience. Not even premium strains can save the day if the buds in use are of poorer quality or are degraded owing to improper storage and curing practices. 

You must prepare at least 1 gram of the herb. 

Weed Grinder

This is optional. 

You can break up the cannabis buds apart even with your fingers – however, this might lack in the full hit of weed. 


A grinder lets you cut the cannabis into finer bits and pieces with uniform consistency. Doing so would not only help the weed burn its entirety, but it also burns evenly. An even burn of herbs offers you a consistent smoke that doesn’t burn too fast or hinder the flow of smoke. 

The best part is that grinding up your weed properly will offer you the highest amount of cannabinoids and other desirable components. 

Filter Tip 

Also optional. 

The filter tips are generally called crutch or roach; these are useful but not required as a must-have. You know what it is like when blunts are nearly finished, and it’s difficult for you to hold and draw the smoke properly. 

Plus, you also have to be careful about not burning your lips. A filter tip helps prevent inhaling tiny pieces of plant matter, but it also works like a spacer to make it convenient for holding as you finish up your blunt. 

Blunt Wraps

Get your sheets ready – and there are plenty of options to choose from according to your personal preferences. You must always check the wraps for signs of damage.  

Procedure of filling and rolling blunt wraps

One must always ensure that they are working with a clean surface. 

Growing, storing, and sourcing weed is one of the most painstaking processes – resulting in the purest and cleanest weed. Last thing you want to do is have a dirty surface contaminate the weed. Get a tray with a glossy surface, it will work well, and you can contain the debris, making cleaning up easier.  

Steps to Roll Blunt Wraps

  1. Using a filter? If so, then make one on the fly; instead of purchasing pre-rolled tips, this is what you can do first. Take a sheet/wrap and fold its one end ¾” of the way. Fold back once, and then do it again, in opposite directions. You will be making a ‘W’ accordion shape with the wrap. Now finish up by rolling the left paper on the crutch. 
  2. Grind up or mush the weed buds into coarse bits – ideally, you can also use an herb grinder. 
  3. Check to make sure blunts are not excessively dry. If they are, lick the inner side to moisten. 
  4. Fix the filter tip on one end and begin filling up the blunt wraps with weed. 
  5. Now move on to roll one side of the blunt wrap and tuck in the weed to pack properly. Roll in the loose end, licking it to moisten and seal. You might need to wet the wraps a few more times, plus you must also gently work from one end of the wrap to the other. 
  6. Once complete, the blunt will be a little too moist to light up, so leave it to dry. You can pre-dry the blunt by running a lighter flame over it. But be careful not to light the blunt wrap prematurely. 

And there you have it; your blunt wraps are ready for a mesmerizing drag – so puff-puff pass it along. 

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