How to sit correctly in a gaming chair?

Postural problems affect 10% of children aged around 10 years. This figure increases to 70% when it comes to the final stages of growth. Among the most frequent causes is a sedentary lifestyle and being overweight. Certain habits, such as spending long hours sitting in front of video games, are the main cause of postural problems during puberty and the rest of adolescence. That is why today we will talk about how to sit correctly in a gaming chair.

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The overload of the shoulder blades ends up degenerating into pain that affects the neck, chest, lumbar, shoulders, sacrum and shoulder blades. In today’s society, where the universe of youtubers and gamers prevails, it is imperative to choose ergonomic chairs, which help maintain good posture during afternoon games with friends. To get one of these chairs, whether you are a professional player or an amateur, just look at a gaming chair website .

Gaming chair: much more than just a seat to sit on

Gaming chairs are a type of ergonomic chairs whose design has been specially designed for regular video game players, whether they are professionals or amateurs.

Like any ergonomic chair, it has some characteristics that differentiate it from the usual chairs.

1. Seat height adjustment

The chair has a fully adjustable system, often in the form of a lever, which allows its height to be modified depending on the height of the gamer. This keeps your back against the backrest at all times, while your legs form a 90ยบ angle and your arms remain on the table parallel to your thighs.

2. Adjustable backrest

The gaming chair must have an adjustable backrest, since while playing the body does not stop moving, even if the sensation is that of remaining static.

In order for the chair to allow controlled movement, the backrest must be made of flexible materials that combine mesh fabrics, so that the backrest flexes and adapts to the shape that the body adopts in its different movements.

3. Lumbar support

Something complementary to the flexibility of the backrest is the support in the lumbar area, to prevent the lower back and the sacrum (final part of the spine, in the intermediate section with the gluteus) from being loaded and preventing the pressure from focusing on the discs. intervertebral, which could lead to herniated discs.

4. Movement and transfer

One of the novelties that some gaming chair brands are including in their designs is free-to-move and auto-move. In both cases, the chairs include a set of mechanisms distributed between the seat and the backrest. These mechanisms interact with each other, adapting to the player’s movements and transfers.

5. Adjustable armrests

Just as the height of the gaming chair and the backrest are adjustable, the armrests must also be adjustable. Being able to adjust the height of the armrests according to the shoulders increases comfort, helps to stay straight and avoids overloading the shoulder blades and upper back.

6. Manufacturing materials and wheels

Fabrics and upholstery

The human body at rest produces about 0.75 L of water per day in the form of vapour. Looking for savings, some players forget to look at the materials of gaming chairs, when these are very important, since the low-quality plastics with which some chairs are upholstered are not very breathable. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid imitation leather and opt for chairs made with fabrics and mesh-type fabrics.


In the case of wheels, the type of soil must be taken into account. If it is a wooden or tiled floor, in order to avoid scratches, it is advisable that the wheels are made of a soft compound. While if the floor is covered by a rug or carpet, the wheels must be made of hard compound, so that the chair can move easily despite the resistance of the rug or carpet.

How to sit correctly in a chair?

According to ergonomics…

First of all, it is convenient to know what ergonomics is. This concept designates the science that deals with the study of the workspace, that is, the design of both the environment in which one is going to work or play (in the case of gamers) and the tools that are going to be used. The purpose is to avoid physical and mental problems, guaranteeing an environment of anatomical comfort, but also mental.

How to sit correctly in the chair?

These are some of the aspects that should be taken into account on how to sit correctly in gaming chairs:

  • Feet flat on the ground.
  • Knees at the same level or above the hips (never below).
  • The backrest respects the curves of the back.
  • Player sitting with a straight back, without forming a lumbar arch.
  • If it is played on a computer, it must be 45 cm and below the eyes.
  • The game console or keyboard (depending on whether one or the other is used) is below the line of the shoulders, so that they do not rise and the position remains neutral.
  • Wrists and arms to the sides of the trunk.
  • The posture should not be forced and, in case of overload, it is advisable to get up and perform head rotations and even short walks to stretch the legs.

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