How to sleep for height increase?

How to sleep for height increase?

How to sleep for height increase? Many people remember from childhood the words of their parents – “Sleep well, otherwise you will not grow up.” And this is really true – a person grows in a dream until a certain age. This happens because of the growth hormone somatotropin.

  1. Somatotropin is produced in the body every 3-4 hours and its peak occurs just in the first hours of sleep, so teenagers who want to increase their height should not neglect sleep.
  2. The largest production of somatotropin falls on the period from 21.00 to 00.00.
  3. During the period of active growth, the body needs a good, sound sleep. For teenagers, during this period it is desirable to sleep not 8 hours, as adults, but 9-11 hours.
  4. During the period of growth, especially for those who are not growing fast enough, it is better to sleep on a hard bed, because it is she who helps to lie flat – the spine will not fall through and will stretch.
  5. The pillow should not be too big, because a large pillow slows down blood circulation during sleep.
  6. It is not necessary to curl up into a ball during sleep, it is better to sleep evenly so that the spine, as mentioned above, stretches.
  7. Do not drink caffeinated drinks and teas that give energy before bedtime – they will interfere with your sleep as well as possible.

These sleep growth tips will not naturally increase your height by 10-20 centimeters, they will only help teenagers who suffer from stunted growth to improve their speed.


Good day, dear friends! Today I will touch on the topic of sleep. How to sleep for height increase. I think you know that proper sleep is something without which all attempts to increase growth will not be as effective.

Good day, dear friends! Today I will touch on the topic of sleep. How to sleep for height increase I think you know that proper sleep is something without which all attempts to increase growth will not be as effective.

The herbalist told me that freshly picked gout should be placed on the head of growing children under a headdress. Like, it normalizes sleep very well.

In a dream, a person’s height increases, especially if this dream is healthy and strong. Strive to sleep properly and get enough sleep, then everything will be fine. Good luck to you!

Proper sleep for growth

This article is not a technique, but simple advice on how to sleep for height increase.

Surely you know that our body grows in a dream. So, in order to speed up and strengthen the growth process, you must follow certain tips, which will be described below.

Sleep is a natural state for humans. We spend a third of our lives sleeping. Sleep affects both our growth and our muscle mass. We just have to know how to sleep for height increase properly!

In addition to proper sleep, it is worth knowing about a more productive type of sleep for growth. You can read about it in the article on stretched sleep.

Bed and pillow

Do you like to sleep on a soft bed? Stop it! It has been proven that you need to sleep on a hard bed. A hard bed is more comfortable for your spine, and will promote faster regeneration and increase it. It is advisable not to use a pillow at all. Instead, you should use a neck roll, the thickness of which should not exceed the thickness of your arm. It is this support that will give the spine complete relaxation, therefore increasing your chances of growing.

Night outfit

A very important element is the clothes in which you sleep. Scientists say it’s better to sleep naked. However, it is quite possible to get by with pajamas made from natural fabrics without tight elastic bands and belts. Your outfit must be clean.

Sleep position

Surely you thought that you should sleep on your back? You were wrong. It is better to sleep on your stomach, because it is then that the spine relaxes the most. However, if you are going to sleep on your stomach, you should eat 2-3 hours before bedtime. If you have eaten right before you sleep, we recommend doing it on your side. Do not press your knees to your chest and your elbows to your legs while you sleep. This will make your breathing worse. Sleep as long as you can.

When sleeping, the head should be facing east or north. This is done due to the specifics of the earth’s magnetic fields. But note that the legs should not look at the door. Thus, you risk waking up broken and powerless.

Time and duration

It is best to go to bed at 21-22 pm, since from 23 pm intensive production of growth hormone begins. How much sleep? It’s an individual matter. At a young age, 10-12 hours is enough for you, with age, the numbers change and can reach 6-8 hours. Of course it is better to sleep as much as possible. It is not recommended to use alarm clocks, let the body wake up on its own. You can also sleep during the day for 2-3 hours to relax the spine. We recommend falling asleep and waking up fixed. For example, falling asleep at 22:00 and waking up at 7:00 is the best option for any age.

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Other Tips

Before going to bed, you can watch a good movie or listen to good, calm music. So you will sleep more peacefully.

Do not drink tea, orange juice, or coffee at night. These drinks will stimulate your body and interfere with restful sleep.

The room in which you sleep should be ventilated. Open the window for half an hour before falling asleep. Especially useful if you have a computer / TV in your room.

It is in sleep that we grow. And that’s what we’re here for! Let’s sleep properly. Good luck!

Sleep growth. How to sleep for height increase

Almost everyone wants to be taller, or at least have an average height. But those who are shorter than average may lose hope and believe that there are no effective ways to increase height even by a few centimeters. This is not entirely true. There are many documented cases and studies of a number of individuals who have increased their height even after the puberty stage.

Today, there are many ways to increase your height. There are even ways to increase height using surgery. But this is a very expensive pleasure.

However, there is also a high-quality, effective and inexpensive method of increasing growth – sleep growth . If you want to grow naturally, then this is one of the best ways that many experts recommend – getting enough sleep.

How can you grow up in a dream?

Experts say that deep, restful sleep after a hard day’s work brings positive results for the whole body. To get the most out of it, you need to calm down, properly set yourself up before going to bed, namely, perform self-hypnosis exercises, then you need to lie flat on your back to stretch your spine and try to fall asleep. Thus, back pain is prevented, and the spine is freed from vertical pressure.

Keep in mind that the human body produces its own natural growth hormones which are responsible for our growth and development. Such hormones work especially well while we sleep, and the amino acids that are present in our body stimulate them. For good growth stimulation, these hormones must be modeled in the proper order, at the right time, in sufficient quantity, otherwise, insufficient and incorrect production of them will hinder growth.

In general, the more you sleep, the greater the chance of proper production of growth hormone. And the result is growth in a dream .

You will still get taller!

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