How to target hotel guests? Tips and tricks to help you attract different types of guests

The key to attracting more hotel guests is figuring out the different types of people who might want to stay at your property. Business travelers, for instance, will want a location that is close to the airport and features like a business center. Millennials, on the other hand, may choose hotels based on their hip aesthetic and social media friendliness. The better you are able to cater to specific groups of guests, the more successful your hotel will be!

Business travelers

Business travelers are the most common guests, so it is important to attract them. They’re generally looking for a place to sleep, shower, and eat. They may also be looking for a place to work or relax.

Business travelers want an experience that feels like home—something familiar and comfortable but with some perks as well. Try offering free breakfast or dinner in your hotel restaurant; this will make guests feel more welcome and help them relax on their breaks from work!


Attracting the right kind of couples to your hotel is an important step towards booking them for future stays. You want to ensure that you have a high-quality experience available for these guests, so they will feel comfortable enough to recommend your hotel to friends and family.

You should know that couples are looking for a few key things from their hotel stay: privacy, comfort, and amenities that allow them to relax after long days out on the town or traveling with kids in tow. They are also likely looking for easy access to transportation since many couples travel by car. The best way to make sure all of these needs are met is by doing some research before sending out messages about deals or offers at your business location.

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As a hotel owner, you have to know that families are a large part of the market. But that is not the only reason you need to be aware of their importance. Families are also an important source of revenue for your hotel. In fact, they are growing in number each year and represent more than half of all travelers.

In addition to being profitable for your business, families can help improve your reputation as well as attract other guests with kids. By making it easy for parents to plan fun activities for their children during their stay at your establishment, you’ll make them happy and encourage return trips from other family groups who want similar experiences themselves!

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Solo adventurers

Solo Adventurers are independent and adventurous. They are usually young, often traveling for the first time, and typically staying in a city for a short period of time. They are likely to be on vacation or leisure travel. If you are looking to attract these guests, here is what you should do:

Take advantage of their independence by offering more options for solo stays – from having more single rooms available to providing room service at odd hours so they can eat whenever they want!


If you want to attract Millennials, here are a few ways to do it:

  • Offer more outdoor activities on your property. Millennials are a very active generation and they love the outdoors. If there is something like hiking trails or bike rentals on the premises, then this will help attract Millennials.
  • Make sure that your hotel has free WiFi and other technology amenities. Millennials are used to having access to their phones at all times and if WiFi is not available, then they will not stay in your hotel or any other hotel for that matter! In fact, if you don’t offer free WiFi at least in public areas of your property (like lobbies), then it would be best not even attempt to attract this demographic because you won’t get any business from them anyway.

Baby boomers

Baby Boomers are looking for a good deal. In fact, they are the most price-sensitive of all generations. Baby boomers have a high disposable income and are looking for experiences that will make them feel like they have gotten their money’s worth. They do not want to overpay for their vacation experience, so you will have to be competitive with your pricing strategy when it comes to this generation of guests in order to attract them as customers.

Baby Boomers also want great location and amenities available on the property because they don’t want to leave your hotel during their trip! You can appeal to this group by offering entertainment options like live music or food trucks nearby your hotels (especially if there is an outdoor area).

International tourists

International tourists, who account for a large portion of hotel customers, will want to feel comfortable and safe in your hotel. They also want to feel like they are in a place that is unique enough so that they can have an experience that makes it worth the trip.

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There are many types of guests who might stay at your hotel for different reasons.

There are many types of guests who might stay at your hotel for different reasons. Some want to save money and others want to splurge. Some are business travelers and others are leisure travelers. Some will stay in your hotel for just one night, while others may spend a couple of weeks there.

In order to attract the different types of guests, you need to know what they want from their stay at your establishment. It is important that you provide the best possible experience for all of your guests so that they will return again and again—and recommend your hotel to friends! But the first step to achieving this is understanding the needs and interests of your guests.

Running a hotel is no easy task, and between the standards you have to keep up with, the needs of your guests, and keeping track of all your employees’ schedules, it is no wonder that planning gets lost in the shuffle. But don’t worry! Now there are hospitality companies that specialize in helping hotels manage their operations—and they can help you too!

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The takeaway…

We hope you enjoyed our rundown of the most prevalent types of hotel guests and how to market to them. As you can see, there are many different customer segments that a hotel can target, each with its own preferences and requirements.

By determining which guest type is most profitable for your hotel, you can adjust your marketing strategy and allocate resources accordingly. This will help ensure that your business achieves the best returns on investment in the long term—so happy hunting!

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