How to Top Your Marijuana Plants?

Most home growers do not have lots of space. It is a time-consuming process to grow cannabis or any other type of plant.

How can you grow marijuana within a limited area? The answer is to control the plant so it can produce the max amount within the available window. You can do this by using a form of high-stress training known as “topping”. By simply cutting off the top of the cannabis plants at a specific time, the plant is forced to redistribute the growth to the side branch instead of it growing from the center. This makes your cannabis plant bushier and produces more marijuana. It also increases your yield.

When Can You Top A Marijuana Plant?

Topping your plants too early or too late can cause problems. Topping is most effective when you have a minimum of 5 development, but it’s best to wait until 6 or 7 are available. This is a good idea as it will ensure your plant is safe and healthy. This stage is usually reached after a few months in the vegetative phase, which occurs before flowering.

When to top marijuana plants can vary depending on the type of plant. For instance, some growers believe that indica plants should be topped early while others think that it’s best to wait until the plant has developed more. There are also different techniques that can be used. The most important thing is to experiment and see what works best for your particular plant.

Is Topping a Way to Increase Yield?

Big time! Do you want to be a top grower of cannabis plants? This method is something you won’t ever forget.

When we think about topping cannabis, the first thought that comes to our minds is: Why? To maximize their cannabis yield in the least amount of time. Some have wondered if cannabis could become fatter by having more food. There are two possible answers to this question: overfeeding or using too little light. But experienced growers should be aware that the best fertilizers can be used in the right quantities.

How Do You Top a Cannabis Plant?

We are going to show you how to top marijuana. This is a great way to start, especially for visual learners. It is easy to miss something or make mistakes, so make certain you are comfortable with the process before you begin.

You are now ready to dive in. Here are some steps and photos for your reference.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Top a Cannabinol Plant

STEP 1- Cleanse trimmers with isopropyl. This will assure that you are using sterile equipment while topping cannabis plants. It cannot be stressed enough how important it maintains cleanliness when growing cannabis. It’s very easy to spread diseases, such as pathogens, between plants by using the same shears day after day. Beginner farmers often find strange things happening to plants.

STEP 2- Count to the top of each node on the plant. As babies and plants that are young veg are delicate, be careful how you hold the stem. They can easily snap in a flash. There is a minimum of 5 nodes that you need to begin topping your plant, but 6 and 7 would be great. The plant will endure high stress but be strong.

STEP3- Gently pinch your tip. Delicacy is key when it comes down to cannabis. Denver-based growers are experts in cannabis cultivation. If you aren’t careful, it is easy to have an accident.

STEP 4- Cut the tip with your cleaned shears as close to its stem as you can. This will give you space for two new stems.

Step 5 – Dispose of the snipped stem in your green garbage bin. The fun part is now — the waiting. Surprised at the speed with which top cannabis plants respond when threatened to be chopped?

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