How To Unclog The Toilet When Nothing Is Working? 7 Easy Methods

How To Unclog The Toilet When Nothing Is Working? 7 Easy Methods

Toilet clogs are often not expected. This can be frustrating because the toilet is a must-see place in your home. You can unclog the toilet if you arrive home after helping yourself.

It can be frustrating to watch the water overflow. This is even more true if the toilet stops working at your friend’s house. It would be great if there was no panic, because all the tools you need to unblock your toilet are right at your fingertips. Using the tips you just read, cleaning your toilet should be quick and easy. What’s the best way to unclog the toilet?

7 Easy Ways To Unclog The Toilet When Nothing Is Working

Unclogging your toilet after it has stopped working is the best thing to do. You don’t need to call a plumber. Follow these simple steps to get rid of the clogging problem.

1. Use a plunger

Unclogging a toilet is easy with a plunger. Divers are common in bathrooms. Make sure you have one on hand when you unclog the toilet. A flanged piston is best. The best plunger for a larger toilet is the strongest.

It is easy to unclog the toilet with a plunger. To protect your hands from dirt, grime, and splashing water, you will need to put on gloves. Then grab the plunger and place the rubber part into the toilet bowl.

Once you have inserted the plunger into the hole, push it down until you feel an open vacuum. Slowly push the plunger down. You need to move slowly and increase your strength. You can do this a few times until you get a tighter vacuum. Then remove it quickly. This will allow you to loosen the plug and push the waste down the drain.

Check the toilets to see if they are clean. If it’s clean, you’re done. If it still doesn’t work, you can try the next step.

2. Use A Plumbing Snake.

A plumbing snake is a good alternative to the plunger if it is not working. A plumbing snake, like a plunger, is also easily found in most bathrooms. If you don’t have one, you might want to get one. The Closet Auger is another name for a plumbing snake. This flexible wire is used to unclog the toilet.

Due to its flexibility, a plumbing snake is often used. It is able to maneuver easily through the waste and into the drain hole. It has a rubber coating that protects the porcelain from scratches and damage.

Be sure to put on gloves before using the closet auger. After that, place the rubber covered side of the cupboard auger into the bowl. Push the tool further down the drain until it becomes tough. To move the obstruction, push the handle down clockwise. Keep pushing until the toilet drain is no longer clogged.

If the resistance is gone, flush the toilet to confirm the problem has been resolved. If you still feel resistance, you may need to take the next step.

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3. Mix the vinegar and baking soda together.

A mixture of vinegar and baking soda is a great option for unclogging the toilet. Baking soda and vinegar, unlike worm gear and plunger, are easily found in the kitchen. If you don’t have them, you can buy them at your local grocery store.

Mixing two cups of water with two cups of white vinegar and one cup of baking soda will produce a mixture that works well. First mix the baking soda with water, then add vinegar. Let the mixture sit for a few minutes before adding it to the toilet bowl.

Because it undergoes a chemical reaction, the mixture becomes potent and helps dissolve the materials in the toilet bowl. This will cause waste and water to flow down the drain, unclogging the toilet. Check the toilets to see if they are working. If the problem persists, proceed to the next step.

4. Use Dish Soap And Hot Water

You can unclog the toilet with dish soap and hot water if you don’t have a plumbing snake or suction cup in your bathroom. These two substances can be used together. Heat 5 liters of water. While the water is heating, pour dish soap into your toilet bowl. Then pour lukewarm water into the bowl. Let sit for a while before rinsing.

Hot water mixed with dish soap will dissolve the clog, allowing waste and water to flow down the drain. Check the toilet to see if it is back to normal. If the problem persists, you can try the next option.

5. Using a wire hanger

Unclog toilet with a wire hanger. Take one of the wire hangers out of the closet and fix it.

Cover the wire at the end with a towel to prevent it from damaging the toilet. Glue the fabric to secure it. Then twist the hanger wire and push it into the drain. The bowl will be cleaned by twisting the hanger wire. Continue to gently push the hanger wire, if you encounter resistance, until the water flows out.

Flush the toilet again and check if the problem has been resolved. If the problem persists, you can try the next procedure.

6. Use a dry or wet vacuum

How To Unclog The Toilet When Nothing Is Working?

You can use a wet or dry vacuum to unclog the toilet if none of the above solutions work. Although not very popular, this method is extremely effective. The shoe is sucked into the device, so you will need to remove it.

Toilet clogs can be caused by solid waste and large amounts of poop. Before attempting to remove the clogging-causing substance, it is important to wear rubber gloves. The vacuum should be placed around the hose and pushed down into the drain. To create a suction, push the vacuum several inches down into the drain hole. The vacuum will remove the obstruction.

Last step: flush the toilet to test if the water is flowing naturally. Try an enzyme product if the problem persists.

7. Use An Enzyme Product.

Plumbers love enzymatic waste disposal products. It is used in septic systems to eliminate waste.

This product can also be purchased at most grocery stores to unblock your toilet. To avoid this awkward situation, you can use an unclogged toilet.

It is important to note that enzymatic waste relates only to solid waste. Enzymatic waste disposal products do not corrode pipes like harsh chemicals. They are also in good health.

You can use the right amount of enzyme waste to unclog the toilet. Flush the toilet again and observe its behavior. You can now relax and go about your business. If the problem persists, you can call a professional plumber for help.


A blocked toilet can be both a nuisance and an embarrassment. These tips will help you fix your toilet quickly with minimal effort. As a last resort, a professional plumber may be needed. However, most of the options are very useful. If you want your plumbing to work, be sure to follow the right procedures.

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