Ice Machine vs. Ice Bath: Which One Is Better For Your Rehabilitation?

Ice Machine vs. Ice Bath

When you’re an athlete, your body has many demands on its time, and it is put under an astronomical amount of strain and pressure. You need to understand the different parts of your body and the treatment that will help them. Ice baths are an effective form of therapy. However, a game-ready ice machine can do so much more for you and heal your body much more quickly.

Ice Baths Can Be Frustrating 

Ice baths can be highly frustrating. It takes forever to get that much ice in the tub. It takes just as long to drain it all out, and it makes it harder on you. In addition to that, the ice is heavy, and you are already sore. Another issue that you will have with an ice bath is that it hits you everywhere. 

When you’re feeling pain, you need to target specific body areas to ensure that you are getting the proper treatment. If you aren’t, nothing is being solved. While research has shown that this method will work for you, you need to keep in mind that it is not the only option available to you that will work. 

A Game Ready Ice Machine Targets Where You Need It To

A game-ready ice machine from Source Fitness is considered to be a better option because it hits you where you need to, and that’s it. Instead of sitting in a freezing tub, the machine will target the appropriate area. That appeals to many athletes as they don’t waste time with ice baths. A game-ready ice machine is also a more feasible option because of the pads. Some devices have compression pads, and while some don’t, either option has proved more effective than a bath. It’s also far more comfortable. 

A Game Ready Ice Machine Is Portable

Another great option with a game-ready ice machine is portable and easy to move. That is a beautiful relief to athletes as they can take it wherever they go. It will also offer you a high-end healing system that you can use in the privacy of your own home or after a grueling game. You will notice that many of these machines, if not all, are designed (at least in part) for chronic pain, post-trauma, and physical therapy. Having it available and on hand when you are hurting can be a blessing. No one wants to wait hours for relief when they need it immediately.

Use The Best For Your Body 

When you want the care you deserve for your body, you need to have a game-ready ice machine. Ice baths are helpful, but they aren’t as practical. They also take longer to get your body back in working order. When you need relief, that isn’t feasible. Instead, use a machine that has been proven to offer the help you need and the portability to make it worth it. You will find that you feel your best again in no time. 

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