The importance of digital marketing for the success of a business

The importance of digital marketing for the success of a business

The importance of digital marketing for a business

When businesses are starting out, they often focus on how to get their first set of customers. They can rely on traditional forms of advertising, such as print ads and coupon mailings or even 4X3s on the side of the road. Nowadays, there is an even more effective means: “inbound marketing“. Zoom on the importance of digital marketing for a company.

Reach people where they spend their time and money

Digital marketing? No company should miss out in 2021. In fact, nowadays the Internet user has an average of seven accounts on social networks. This is more than five years ago: he had only three at the time. 97% of adults under 65 are on these networks at least once a month. The vast majority of them are there every day. Reasons for which, social networks are strongly privileged as a means of taking charge of the customers. Welcome to the era of the strategy of digital marketing.

And yet, even today, many companies are leaving networks and digital aside. As proof: 89% of customer messages on Messenger are ignored by companies. Faced with this observation, figures speak for themselves: 76% of Facebook users and 51% of Instagram users are present there every day. Digital marketing allows us to reach all these people.

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Digital marketing can be hyper-personalized

Digital marketing can be hyper-personalized

The marketing by email (the mailing) can target almost to the individual level. In some cases, you can even reach the individual level. The marketers call this “personalization“.

72% of consumers say they prefer businesses that use email to communicate. It gives a sense of control among the individuals which makes it more understandable to log in for your emails and buy from you. If the people dislike that you send them, they may unsubscribe it.

But when you send them relevant content, they stay on your list and keep buying, even talking about you well on the networks! So you can see the importance of digital marketing in the case of lifelong customer loyalty.

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Phone marketing too!

Phone marketing too!

More and more people are using their cell phones as a kind of augmented reality overlaid on a business. They view your product reviews and information at your store. They can order online or contact customer service along the way. A selfie taken in the store becomes an increasing opportunity for you.

They can even write a review before you take off your desk! Integrate the mobile experience with the physical experience. The more you do this, your business will better benefit from these opportunities. So don’t forget to check that your website is responsive, that your visuals on the networks appear in the correct format on smartphones…

It’s clear: in the modern economy, businesses need digital marketing to be competitive. Customers are online. This is where they prefer you to reach them. The modern buying process begins online, so don’t neglect it. Forget everything you have learned for 30 years in business schools, social networks and the WEB are now ESSENTIAL and the rules have changed.

If you want to know more, acquire new skills in order to meet the challenge launched by this new way of communicating, discover our professional and certifying training courses in Digital Marketing.

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