Creative Instagram Story Ideas

Creative Instagram Story Ideas

Instagram is a social network that is becoming more popular every year. The developers of the application are trying to come up with as many features and features as possible in order to make it more interesting for users to spend time on Instagram. If earlier people could only share photos in feeds, now you can upload videos as well. Also, one of the features of Instagram is stories. In this article, we will show different but interesting Instagram story ideas.

Stories are stories that a user wants to share with their followers and other users. Stories are automatically deleted 24 hours after they were posted. But it can be added to the “Actual” section and then it can be viewed at any time. A distinctive feature of stories is that the user can see how many people and who viewed his story. That is why Instagram stories are very popular, and many people use them in their accounts. In order to post a story, just click on the circle at the top of the screen with your photo

Let’s look at cool Instagram story ideas.

Beauty Instagram story ideas

Stories can be used to throw off any information that relates to the field of beauty and personal care. Many girls are very fond of taking care of their face, body, and hair, so this information is interesting and important to them. For example, share with your followers how to properly apply face care

Before and after

Before and after

One of the interesting ideas for Instagram stories can be a “before and after” photo. Such photographs include any changes that have occurred to you. For example, a photo without makeup and with makeup, a photo before and after losing weight, a child’s photo, and a photo of an adult


In Instagram stories, you can also post how you just walk, alone, with a child, with friends. For example, it is raining heavily outside, but despite this you still go out into the fresh air, thereby motivating other people not to stay at home.

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A person playing with his pet

If you have pets, you can use them to create cool Instagram story ideas. You can come up with a lot of cool pictures in which your animal will look great. As practice shows, many people love animals and enjoy watching such content.


If you suddenly find yourself in an area where nature is very beautiful, you must definitely take a picture of it and share it with your followers. When you drive, look around, there may be a lot of cool places around you that can be used for pictures


For several years in a row, various challenges have been very popular. He can be an interesting idea for stories on Instagram. You can come up with your own challenge, or post an existing one, and your subscribers will be able to pick it up


Enjoying holidays

Each of us has a large number of holidays in a year, and we all always think about how to spend it fun, cool and cool, how to decorate the room, etc. If you have any cool design ideas, you can share them with your followers. Perhaps they will like this idea and they will be able to use it too and thank you for it.


We all love to eat delicious foods, and food photos always look attractive and stimulate the appetite. You can always post your breakfast, lunch or dinner in the story, and wish your subscribers bon appetit


Also a cool idea can be an Instagram story with a poll. A survey can be conducted on absolutely any topic and contain any number of questions and answers. With the help of such polls, you can find out the opinion of your subscribers regarding any issue. Or vice versa, let them get to know you a lot more.


In this article, we looked at cool Instagram story ideas. Now, if you suddenly want to post some interesting story, you can always resort to our ideas and get a large number of views and subscriptions. Share interesting and interesting stories, communicate and develop your Instagram account.

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