Interactive Calculator Helps In Improving Buyers Journey

There is massive information residing on the internet. Therefore achieving potential customers’ attention towards your content is a challenging task. Marketers are well-aware of creating engaging and interactive content for a successful online marketing strategy. Instead of using static content, today’s marketers invest in interactive content creation for a personalized customer experience. 

Interactive content includes infographics, quizzes, maps, whitepapers, surveys, and calculators. In this post, let’s dive deep into interactive calculators.

The interactive calculator crunches numbers and provides prospects with calculated results based on the information provided. It offers a comprehensive customized and personalized experience. It generates a lot of value for leads and they look at your brand as a specialist in the subject. It even encourages prospects to turn into paid customers.

Potential customers can have doubts about whether to buy your product or not. A calculator that shows potential savings or ROI can be a vital convincing factor to make a buying decision. The content has to be responsive and light without any complexity or the consumer will run away. Choose the experienced Calc2Web professionals to develop web calculator for enjoying the given benefits. 

Advantages of interactive calculator

More personalized experience

An interactive calculator doesn’t generate results without a well-thought-out content strategy. It starts with identifying buyers’ personas and their impulses. It allows getting in front of the most qualified audiences. 

An interactive calculator can optimize several stages in the sales funnel. As it is interactive collecting data users left is easy. Valuable insights are generated and it offers you a chance to identify your audience’s needs and dilemmas. 

For example, a travel agency can have a calculator created to help prospects get an estimate of a round-trip within seconds. You get an insight into their budget and preferences. This data allows you to create a more personalized experience. 

Low-cost tool

An interactive calculator is valuable content for specific audiences, so the chances of getting citations from relevant blogs and websites increase. This can directly and optimistically affect your SEO. The sales team can handle qualified leads with more knowledge. A sales rep can understand the concerns about the lead’s pain points. The customers can openly discuss their issues with the sales rep and be prepared to find a solution. 

Close the deal

Deals can be pushed to closure with an interactive calculator. It is helpful during the decision stage or end of the sales funnel. For example, if you are selling content marketing solutions. The customer has passed the awareness stage. It means he/she is aware of the pain point. 

Prospects are looking for a solution but are still insecure to consider your services. Offer an interactive calculator to resolve this uncertainty. Smartly use a calculator integrated with suitable queries. Remember, no sales pitch just helpful solutions. A savings calculator in the decision-making stage is crucial to closing a deal. 

Interactive calculator types

  • ROI calculators
  • Lead generation calculators
  • Discount calculators
  • Quantity calculators
  • Financial planning calculators
  • Event planning calculators
  • Measurement conversion calculators
  • And more

Interactive content is superior to static content, so give it a try!

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