International Calling – The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Communications Strategy

International Calling

You must communicate with your potential customers whether you want to start an initiative or establish a new service within your business. Having a solid communication plan is the key to achieving long-term success

Making premium-quality international calls might be pricey if you don’t have a communication plan. It would be best if you had a communication strategy to afford to call your overseas clients at affordable calling rates.

For market expansion, public relations, and internal team development, effective worldwide communication is crucial. A communication plan is your road map for reaching your audience with your message. It’s a vital tool for ensuring that your company conveys a clear, targeted message with observable results.

Here is a guide that will help you create an effective international communication plan for your business!

  1. Find the Best International Calling App


Most operators automatically charge hefty rates for international calls. Such calls may cost $1 per minute. Additionally, there can be a connection fee, and calls will be charged by the minute.

Finding cheap and practical calling software should be a component of your communication strategy. Find the best app that allows you to make cheap, premium-quality calls to Kenya or any other foreign nationals to ensure effective communication.

Talk 360 is one of the top international calling apps with cheap international calling rates. It also provides a free trial call and doesn’t require the recipient to have an internet connection or an app installed. You can even call Kenya for free with this free test call to see if this can be a viable solution for your business. 

You will find out that this is one of the best methods for keeping in contact with clients in other countries, as it is economical, simple, and convenient. 

For simple communication, you can look at how to set up and use virtual sims to place cheap transitional calls abroad. 

  1. Segment Your Contact Database


Effective international communication and development require a high level of organization. You need a mechanism to precisely group your contacts into proper categories before developing your communication plan. Calling your clients abroad will be easier as a result.

A CRM is an ideal tool for organizing your contacts. You can store comprehensive, central data with CRM software. Additionally, it can segment, arrange, and annotate all forms of contact data.

It is essential to segment further by language, particular demographics, and market in addition to segmenting by country. Your chances of executing a successful campaign increase with how precisely you can slice your contacts.

Consequently, segmenting your database makes it simpler for you to reach your clients who are abroad. You’ll know the daily cost of each call to a foreign country.

  1. Schedule Your Activities in a Global Calendar

International and local dates coincide. Therefore, internal and external communication calendars should be a component of your marketing strategy. This is to be able to plan for an effective international communication strategy.

There are various benefits to creating a single worldwide calendar. With a global calendar, you can plan your content and determine the best time to contact your clients.

You may streamline the coordination of global markets by using a communication team management calendar. An international schedule lets everyone see how unavoidable changes may affect the overall strategy.

By putting your plans on the shared calendar, you may reduce stress while preserving everyone’s flexibility. Everyone will benefit from your communication plan since you can make international calls at times that work for them.

  1. Set Standard KPIs

KPIs for international media communications should be quantifiable and consistent. Giving your team and yourself a precise means of gauging the success of your communication plan can help you achieve success.

Standardize your KPIs across all market segments as you build your communication strategy. You may then compare the data you obtain accurately and hence be able to make wise business judgments by including standard KPIs in your communication strategy.

The KPIs you select may change depending on your objectives, mission, and communication style. As a starting point, consider these fundamental metrics:

  • Contact with influencers
  • Audience engagement
  • Online community growth

Once you’ve established a set of metrics, ensure each team member is aware of how to track this information. Make sure each KPI you use has value.

  1. Track Global and Individual Communication Strategies With Reports

Your organization likely already has a mechanism for creating reports similar to KPIs. Reports that track specific components of the global and local markets might already exist. For instance, you can leverage social media reports. 

However, you should have specific data that track the effects of communication over time. You can gain insightful information when presenting outcomes by putting together reports with daily, weekly, and monthly data. Your performance improves as a result.

Since it’s primarily focused on your firm’s objectives, measuring good communication can feel challenging. By providing context for what effective global communication for your brand looks like, you may make calling internationally less overwhelming.

You must be conscious of your content’s social network reach, influencer connections, and worldwide sector reach. This will simplify the planning process for your communication strategy.

  1. Make an Outline of Your Communication Strategies

A plan for effective communication is the first step toward successful communication. By establishing your strategies and campaigns, you can determine how your communication plan will look. Your communication plan will outline the steps you must take to spread your message.

The goals you previously set will guide your strategy and methods. If increasing website traffic is your goal, you may run an integrated communications campaign. Weekly blog entries, news releases, or social media advertising can all be part of the communication campaign.

If you want to make international calls to your clients, you can use VoIP to ensure that your calls are reasonably priced. This will lessen the stress of international calls for commercial dealings with clients.

Take Away

To effectively communicate with your staff and all of your clients, you must be clear and precise. It can be challenging to develop a communication plan, but it is worthwhile.

Developing a communication strategy is key to successfully communicating with your audience and clients. It aids in the formation of connections that benefit both parties. A well-written plan will assist you in achieving your goal and maximizing performance.

However, you must still be within your budget no matter what. Thus, finding ways to get cheap international calling rates is a must.

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