Invisible Aligners for Faster and Effective Dental Healings

Invisible Aligners

Invisible Orthodontic treatment

Ensmile Invisible aligners system corrects misaligned teeth using little force, which ensures comfort and aesthetics.

Worn daily over periods of approximately two to three weeks, the appliance will move the teeth gradually and gently.

At the end of each period, a new device is returned to take into account the evolution of your teeth.

The invisible aligners are an innovative solution for performing orthodontic and aesthetic dental care.

Transparent and made to measure, the braces are invisible and gradually correct the position of the teeth. A treatment adapted to your state of oral health for quick results and greater self-confidence. Very comfortable to wear, you receive your Invisible Braces at home according to the progress of your treatment. Ideal for aligning your teeth without constraint and in all discretion.

They recommend our solutions

Ensmile Invisible Braces are found in practically all major international conferences. His conferences are extremely appreciated because they are always based on in-depth reflection and on an analysis full of common sense.

Why use Invisible aligners?

Awareness of dental aesthetics and increasing demand for dental treatment from adults has fueled the search for a more aesthetic orthodontic treatment technique.

Completely transparent and invisible, the aligners make it possible to treat dental malposition’s durably and effectively without having to wear a more traditional appliance.

Indeed, many adults are still reluctant to perform this type of care due to a lack of self-confidence. Invisible aligners are recommended in the case of:

  • Overlapping teeth
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Too much space between the teeth
  • Bite problems
  • Dysfunction of the jaw joint (popping, pain, etc.)

Dental treatment with Invisible aligners

During your appointment with your dentist, you will be offered a detailed treatment plan.

The number of aligners needed, the duration and the cost of the treatment, all the steps are approached in order to understand the evolution of the treatment. Discreet and removable, the transparent gutters can be removed to eat, drink or brush your teeth.

However, it is recommended to wear them as much as possible for at least twenty-two hours a day. The duration of your French Designer dental treatment varies between 6 and 24 months on average.

Invisible Braces Treatment: step by step

The treatment by wearing invisible dental braces of the Invisalign type is carried out step by step. From the start, the patient receives a first batch of gutters to be replaced every two weeks. Note that this is a custom-made device using 3D software. The latter makes it possible to reconstruct with precision the expected result in relation to the positioning and alignment of the teeth.

It should therefore be noted that each gutter is personalized. Each patient is entitled to specific appliances, molded to the alignment of their teeth. To obtain a very precise result, the fingerprints are digitized to obtain three-dimensional images. This then makes it possible to obtain virtual molds which are then remodeled according to the desired results, the correction being carried out little by little. The creation of the gutters is carried out as the treatment progresses until the final result is obtained.

Invisible Braces treatment: many advantages

An Invisible Braces treatment has the main advantage of being practically invisible. It uses Invisible Braces that must be kept on constantly (day and night), except for meals. It should be noted that this removable dental device can be easily removed and replaced.

The Aligners are also very practical. They do not involve any particular difficulty for brushing the teeth, since their removal is easy. Just remove the device and you’re done. It is even possible to use dental floss for hygiene throughout the treatment.

Then comes comfort: there is no risk of irritation of the inside of the mouth (gums, lips or cheeks), as is the case with a multi-attachment device).

And the ultimate advantage: the final results are defined from the outset through specific software. Thanks to new technologies, the creation of aligners to be worn throughout the treatment involves rigorous precision.

The conditions to be respected for a successful treatment

For an Invisible Braces treatment to bear fruit, there are three conditions that must be respected.

First, special care must be taken when placing the splint on the teeth: it must fit perfectly on the teeth.

Then, the rules laid down by the practitioner must be carefully observed, in particular concerning the wearing of the device: it must be kept in the mouth day and night, except for tooth brushing sessions and for meals. This is very important, because the tray is only active when worn. Forgetting to wear it or wearing it less than expected may delay or alter results. In any case, a gutter can only be replaced by the next one once the desired objective has been reached.

Finally, it is essential to follow the treatment to the end.

Invisible Braces Disadvantages

Even if the Invisible Braces treatment has certain advantages, we must still recognize some disadvantages. In particular, this method does not make it possible to resolve the most complex malposition’s on its own. In this case, it must be coupled with another technique such as brackets or lingual devices.

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