Is Hiring Freelance Essay Writers Worth It?

Freelance Essay Writers

First, if we knew one direct answer to this question we would not need to write an entire article and you would not need to read it. It would be so easy. We would just write: yes, hiring freelance writers to write your essay is a good choice, or no, entrusting freelance writers with your academic tasks is a bad choice. That would be it. That reality, especially academic writing, is much more complex than that. In this reality, you need to consider many factors and also pros and cons before you make a decision whether to hire a particular specialist to deal with your academic writing assignment. In this article we will try to cover both pros and cons of hiring freelance essay writers to deal with your high school and college writing tasks. We sincerely hope that it will help you to make the right choice when the time comes. 

Pros of Hiring Freelance Writers for Academic Tasks 

This list of pros is not exhaustive. You can name more processes based on your experience with hiring freelance writers. If you want you can share your experience with us. We are our contact form. We Gather such stories to share them with our readers later. It truly helps others to make the right choice. 

  • Freelance writers are cheaper. Mostly, hiring freelance writers is cheaper than addressing writing services. Quality writing service has to pay for many things — technical personnel, editors, writers themselves, programmers, support team, etc. It all rightfully affects the final cost of the paper you buy. When addressing a freelance writer directl, you normally pay less. In some cases it is worth doing, but we bet at this point you know that cheaper hardly ever means better.
  • There is a big choice of writers. You can spend some time looking, but in the end you will have a long list of essay writers for hire to choose from professionals. You will see samples of their previous works, assess their style, even without (for now) direct communication. For different purposes you may choose different writers, with different hannor fields and styles. It requires some extra time, but if you like this feeling of control, you will definitely enjoy the process. 
  • You can pay later. When it comes to writing services, there are two options. You either pay in advance, or decide on a Progressive Delivery (for voluminous papes) and pay part by part. You cannot pay after you receive a final draft. However, many freelance writers are eager to do the work in advance, waiting for a payment only once you approve the paper. 
  • Freelance writers’ approach is less mechanistic. They are more creative, it is true. Normally, they are also more attentive to your requirements, they see you closer and papers they write reflect it. Writers working for writing services are under more pressure, they need to deal with a chain conveyor of orders, and, while they do their work well, it certainly lacks that personal touch. 

Cons of Hiring Freelance Writers for Essay Writing

We should warn you that while pros are rather universal, the cons from this list are much less common. Still, we need to tell you about these possibilities, so you take them into account before addressing freelance writers to delegate some of your writing assignments. 

  • Freelance writers are mostly students. Well, we don’t think we have surprised you. Being a freelance essay writer hardly seems like a solid career, but it is alluring for many talented (not necessarily) students. You may be lucky and stumble upon someone really talented and creative, but there are, obviously, no guarantees. If you are fine with a fellow student working on your paper — then this con means nothing bad to you. 
  • Freelance writers don’t have back ups. When addressing a writing service for help, you address a company, an institution, if you may. If an assigned writer fails to finish your paper for any reason (they may get ill, have problems with connection, etc.), a writing service has a dozen of currently available writers to jump into action and finish work on time. Unfortunately, even the best freelance writers don’t have such back-ups. 
  • Freelance writers cannot offer guarantees. The painful truth is this — only a company can offer guarantees. No matter what is written on freelance writer’s pages/websites, they cannot be as reliable as an official company. When you sign a contract with an agency, you read Terms and Conditions and you know what guarantees you receive and can rely on. Companies care about their reputation, because they are listed in such websites as Trustpilot and others. Many critical reviews in a row can seriously affect business. That is why companies go above and beyond to serve you well — they are dependent on your satisfaction rate, on your assessment of their work. Freelance writers, unfortunately, have too many options to escape any responsibility.  

How to Communicate with Freelance Essay Writers

First of all, don’t make their life harder than it is already. You decide to hire a freelance writer because for some reason right now you cannot deal with this assignment on your own. Still, it does not mean that you should do nothing and fully exclude yourself from the process. Some students would argue that paying for something means exactly that. We advise you to leave this attitude aside and see hiring a freelance writer as a corporation. This way you will be able to receive much better no. Second, provide all the available information about the assignment before you submit your order. Don’t bug your freelance writer with additional materials everyday. 

Most probably, they won’t say no. But technically it is not correct to change requirements to your assignment after you’ve already submitted it. Be fair to your writers, establish good rapport, and make sure to pay on time. This way you will build loyalty and trust that is critical when it comes to somewhat questionable practices of ordering papers online.

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