Is Invisalign North Shore Sydney Better Than Braces?

So is Invisalign better than braces?

With each year passing, the love forInvisalign North Shore Sydney is increasing. It is an alternative to braces for many now. However, the question remains, is it actually better than braces? We had interviewed experts like Kb Village Dental to know this, Let us find out.

What Are Braces?

Braces act as a tool for your dental alignment. Installing them when you have crooked teeth helps align them. This is done through a metal wire. It is a lengthy but effective process.  

What Are Invisalign?

Invisalign does the same task which braces do but without the metal wire. The USP of these aligners is that they are transparent and easy to remove and put back on. They are made of plastic.

The Benefits of Braces

Tackles The Complex Cases

Braces can be installed on any type of tooth. They are mostly used to handle cases that are extremely complex and simply cannot be corrected through plastic aligners. Braces adhere to every single tooth, which is its most powerful feature. This leads to our notion of the “perfect smile.” To understand better, you can visit the website that tackles hundreds of complicated teeth straightening and aligning cases.

More Variety

Braces aren’t just installed on the front; with advancing technology, they can be installed behind the teeth. You could also select the ceramic ones, which are your closest bet to transparency.

Cannot Be Removed

Yes, this is an advantage, trust us. As the braces cannot be removed as easily, you are a little restricted. Still, it is also extremely beneficial for your teeth. You get great results much sooner. You don’t need to worry about removing them time and again. This is a straightforward approach.

Consume Any Beverages

Braces are resistant to any edible temperature beverage. This means you can consume hot and cold beverages with ease. In addition, noo stains will be left.

The Drawbacks of Braces

·         Discomfort In Mouth

·         Appearance

·         Restrictions In Food

·         Regular Visits to The Dentist

·         Leaves Marks in Some Cases

The Benefits of Invisalign


While the strong disadvantage of metal braces is the look, Invisalign takes the lead here. They are almost invisible and would give you no worries about your look. People who do not want to reveal that they are undergoing dental treatment can rock this. 


Invisalign is clearly more comfortable than braces. However, you can ask anyone, and metal wires are surely tricky to adjust to first. Invisalign does not have any such issues and would give you little to no discomfort.

Easily Brush and Floss

Invisalign can be removed, and you can brush your teeth more thoroughly. However, braces will be an obstacle here, and you would have to very carefully brush your teeth.

Eat Whatever You Wish

With traditional braces, a variety of foods are restricted since they can stick inside the wire and could be harmful in the long run. Invisalign can be removed, and you can easily consume whatever you like. So healthy, chewy foods are not an issue anymore. 

Fewer Visits to The Doctor

You don’t need to visit the dentist as often with Invisalign as you would have to with braces. Instead, you can visit your doctor every four to six weeks.

The Drawbacks of Invisalign

·         Cannot Correct Complex Cases

·         Have To Be Removed Before Every Meal

·         Regularity and Discipline Required

·         Frequent Brushing in A Day 

·         Might Need Attachments in The Future


This is a deciding factor for many. So we will keep it very simple and straight to the point. Invisalign is obviously more expensive than the braces. The difference isn’t a lot, but it still goes almost a thousand dollars above any traditional braces treatment.


So is Invisalign better than braces? Well, it will vary from person to person. Someone who doesn’t need too much work on their teeth can go for Invisalign, which will be a quick method without changing your lifestyle. However, anyone with complex teeth issues should consider going for braces. This is our suggestion, you should surely consult your dentist.

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