Is ITIL Certification worth Your Time and Efforts

ITIL is a globally accepted certification. It helps the organizations to talk in a common language and work to achieve the organization’s goals. As per the personal level, ITIL Foundation Certification starts your journey in the IT field, ensuring more growth, and adds a cherry to your profile.

ITIL Foundation Certification Training from Knowlathonis the first step to heading you toward a new exciting career. It provides you with an opportunity to learn more about people, processes, products, and partners and understand a business deeply.  

ITIL Foundation Training is worth only when you need to accomplish a certain level at an early stage. For example, suppose you are working as a support engineer. In that case, ITIL FoundationCertification is worth it as it helps you understand how a service desk works and the role of ITIL in an organization. ITIL Foundation adds more value to your profile at an early stage.

Experienced personnel from IT say that even after spending nine years in IT, their career path was limited to a specific role with slower monetary returns. But once they started following the ITIL path, they got better exposure and commendable growth opportunities. Thus, we can summarize that ITIL Certificationis worth your time, money, and efforts. You just need to decide at which level of your career you want to go towards ITIL and what level you want to achieve in your organization.

Still, if you are not convinced, read further to understand some reasons to consider why ITIL Certification is a must in today’s environment.

  1. Higher Paying Opportunities

Apart from providing a boost in your career, ITIL will also add value to the business you are working for. You are sure to receive more lucrative job opportunities with a higher pay scale.

2. Sharp Skillsets

ITIL Certification helps you learn a varying degree of mastery in different levels of certification. Ranging from Foundation, Practitioner, Intermediate, Expert, and Master, you can earn a certificate of your choice and become a much-needed asset for an organization.

3. Stand Out of the Crowd

Gaining an ITIL Certification will provide you with a demonstrable advantage over your peers. The certification demonstrates that you are highly skilled in the field of IT, and it is worth investing in you.

4. Prepare for the Future

ITIL’s established principles govern today’s modern technology, and with constantly updating, they are sure to stay. Thus, ITIL certification is safe and lets you prepare for the future.

5. Get a Job Role of Your Liking

ITIL Foundation Certification Training provides you with more options in terms of job roles. Candidates proficient in ITIL have the opportunity to decide their job roles in an organization.

6. Globally Recognized Certification

ITIL is used everywhere and can be implemented in every industry. With ITIL certification, there is plenty of room for jobs in the market. Moreover, there is a continuous demand for ITIL professionals who understand the ITIL framework.

7. Better Return on Investment

ITIL offers a higher ROI as there is a high demand for ITIL-certified professionals. ITIL Foundation Training starts providing value right away to the candidates learning ITIL practices.


Sometimes in your career, it is a good idea to take a step back, re-evaluate your goals, and rebound with more force. It may seem that investments in a degree may go in vain, but this does not stand true with ITIL. Getting your ITIL Foundation Certification from Knowlathon is a very low-risk effort and will stay in demand for quite a long time.

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