Is The Real Estate Exam Difficult To Pass? What To Do?

Real Estate Exam

If you are considering becoming a real estate agent, one of the most important and first steps is to pass your real estate exam. Whether you are a good test taker or not, you cannot skip this step. 

As a result, you might wonder, “how difficult is the real estate exam?” The answer depends on how well you prepare for your exam. Plus, once you become a real estate agent in California, You’ll be successfully able to launch your career. As the real estate exam can be challenging for some, all it takes is the proper preparation to do well. Yet to get your real estate license, you need to pass the state exam for a real estate agent or broker. After all, the right preparation is the key!

How Difficult Is The Real Estate Exam?

The format of the real estate exam might be somewhat complex; you’ll think it to be hard to pass. The main objective of doing this is that they may weed out individuals who are not going to be skilled agents. Although the passing rate varies based on the state exam, they may hover around 50% across the country. It means that only half of the people taking the real estate exam pass to get a license.

The reason for this may also vary. Sometimes, an individual is not just a good test taker, while some do not get proper guidance and other prep materials. As the test involves a fee, it would be best not to fail the exam. 

In this article, we’ll discover some tips to help you pass the real estate exam with ease and move on to your license application.

Let’s overcome the challenges!

# Take A Pre-licensing Course

Before you sign up for the real estate exam, it is imperative to take a pre-licensing course. In an exam prep course, you can learn the material and tips on the exam to be a successful real estate salesperson or broker in your state. You will walk away well-prepared for your state’s agent or broker exam.

Always look for a real estate exam prep program specific to your state’s needs. For instance, the California real estate exam will differ from the Michigan real estate exam. But understanding the differences is vital for passing the test. Online real estate school is a perfect option as you prepare for the real estate test, and it’s state-specific. Additionally, taking a real estate course online can offer some time flexibility if you require it.

# Take A Practice Exam

A practice test can help you and let you know whether you’re ready for the real estate salesperson exam. It will help you with what questions are on the exam. When choosing a pre-license course, ensure a school exam lets you practice being a part of it. You can practice the test multiple times. The more you get, the more prepared you’ll be for the real estate exam. Plus, you won’t be wasting your money on the test.

As you practice, take note of the questions that trip you up, and focus on them. For example, if you require more practice with real estate math, you can focus on that area. This way, you can increase your chances of passing the exam.

# Learn Good Test-Taking Practices

Ensure your state exam prep course covers the exam content and offers you advice about getting a passing score through the best test-taking practice. You can consider the following tips:

  • First, start with the questions you know.
  • Always work backward. Eliminate the wrong answers and then choose the best possible correct answer.
  • Do not second guess and change your answer.
  • Skip complex questions and come back to them at last (if you have time).
  • Breathe! It is important while taking the test as a lack of oxygen can hinder your ability to remember what you have studied.
  • Read every word to the question because small words can significantly change the meaning of the question as well as the answer. 

Pro-Tip* Always remember the goal. It should be to get a passing score rather than getting everything right. So, answer what you know first. 

# Take And Review Notes

Make important notes while you prepare for the exam. Consider using a digital program that helps keep these close at hand. You can take these notes with you and review them for the exam every second you get. Just stress out and use them to keep the information gleaming in your mind.

Remember, repetition will aid learning, and the more your practice, the more prepared you will be for the exam when the time comes. So, as you study, review, and review.

# Take Care Of Yourself

In the last days of taking the exam, ensure you get enough restful sleep and eat healthily. Avoid staying up late into the night or cramming up information the night before the exam. No matter how perfect your prep course is, you will fail to do well in the exam if you get exhausted. 

So, a real estate exam is not a race! Never make it into a competition, and pace yourself to stay within the time limit. Learn from mistakes. If you need, you can have the best real estate crash course in Los Angeles. Your chances of success will be much higher, and soon, you’ll be ready to launch an independent real estate career. Do your best and tackle the test!

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