Japan live: Schedule and where to watch today’s free baseball broadcast

The Mexican baseball team faces Japan this in Yokohama, within the activity of Group A of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games .

Mexico needs to win to stay alive in the tournament, after losing 1-0 to the Dominican Republic in its debut.

The duel will begin at Mexico City time. And you can see it completely live and free through MARCA Claro.

-TOKYO 2020 | All the transmission of the Olympic Games, FREE on the Internet HERE

Mexico vs Japan: Schedule and how to watch the second baseball game in Tokyo 2020 live

The play ball is scheduled at 10 pm, CDMX time. You can follow this duel completely live through Claro Sports and MARCA Claro.

Result of the first games of the Olympic Games baseball

In the first match of Group A, Japan beat the Dominican Republic 4-3. In the second duel of the sector, the Dominicans embittered the debut of Mexico, which they won 1-0. The third confrontation will be on Friday between Mexico and Japan.

How is Group A of Baseball going in Tokyo 2020?

Group A, made up of three teams, has Japan and the Dominican Republic with a win, although the Dominicans in two games, as they fell to the Japanese and beat Mexico.

The Mexican team is at the bottom of the sector with a setback in the same number of matches. Baseball activity begins at the 2021 Olympic Games this Tuesday, July 27 with a great duel where the Dominican Republic will make its debut with the mission of taking its first victory and giving a blow of authority, but they will have to face Japan that wants to leave It is clear that he is going for the Gold at the Fukushima Stadium .

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