Karwa Chauth 2022: Going to keep fast for the first time!! Must Know Story and Food Tips for Fast Opening

Karwa Chauth

Karwa Chauth is the widely celebrated Indian festival that is celebrated among almost all the Indian households. It is a festival which is celebrated by married ladies with great pomp and show. 

There are a list of rituals that are followed in this festival. And if you are going to keep the fast for the first time then you should know the story and some food tips and custom design  for the opening of your fast. 

If you are also eager to know the story and what are the food items that you should eat for opening of your fast then hook to this article till the end.

Akhand Saubhagya’s fast Karwa Chauth (Karwa Chauth 2022) will be kept on 14 October 2022 this year. In Indian Mythology, It is believed that this holy fast was kept by Mother Parvati for Lord Shiva. 

The fast of Karwa Chauth (Karwa Chauth 2022) is done on the Chaturthi date of Kartik Krishna Paksha. Karva Chauth consists of two words, ‘Karva’ means earthen pot and ‘Chauth’ means Chaturthi, the favorite date of Ganesha. 

The worship of earthen pots i.e. Karva has special value on this holy festival, through which water is offered to the moon god at night.

When and who can keep the holy Karva Chauth fast

Usually, newly married ladies start this fast from the first year of marriage. On this day, married ladies keep a fast for the long life and good health of their husbands. 

The fast of Karwa Chauth is started from Chauth itself. There is a ritual of fasting for other months only after this. 

There is a custom to worship Lord Shiva, Mata Parvati, Lord Kartikeya, and Lord Ganesha on the day of Karwa Chauth. Even unmarried girls keep the fast of Karva Chauth to get the desired groom.

Method of Fasting for Karwa Chauth

On the day of Karwa Chauth all the ladies who are going to keep Vrat wake up early in the morning before sunrise, take a bath and take a vow to keep this holy fast with the law and worship the gods as usual and keep a waterless fast for the whole day. 

After this, in the evening, worship Lord Shiva, Mother Parvati, Lord Kartikeya, and Lord Ganesha with Roli, sandalwood, Akshat, flowers, Naivedya, makeup items, etc. 

After this, read or listen to the Katha of Karwa Chauth Vrat. After this, see the god moon when he rises and after that see your husband through a sieve. 

After offering Arghya to the moon deity, give prasad to your husband by applying tilak and completing your Vrat by sipping water from his hands.

Katha of Karwa Chauth Vrat

It is believed that at the time of exile, when the Pandavas did not return after a long time, Draupadi got worried and told her problem to Lord Krishna. 

Then Lord Krishna asked Draupadi to keep Karwa Chauth Vrat and told the story related to it, which was once told by Lord Shiva to Mother Parvati. 

According to the tale, once in the city of Indraprastha, an intellectual Brahmin named Veda Sharma had seven sons and a daughter, whose name was Veeravati and she was married to a Brahmin named Sudarshan.

Once when Veeravati kept the Vrat of Karva Chauth, she could not endure the hunger and thirst due to being waterless for the entire day and sat down. 

Then her sisters-in-law told her state to her brothers that Veeravati would open her fast only after seeing the moon god, which had a lot of time to rise. 

Learning this, Veeravati’s brothers headed out to the fields and lit a fire, and made a moon-like scene by pulling the cloth and said to their sister that the moon has come out, now you offer Arghya. 

Her Karwa Chauth Vrat was broken due to giving Arghya to the moon, as an outcome of which her husband fell very ill.

It is said that after some time Indra’s wife Indrani arrived on earth to keep the Vrat of Karva Chauth. Learning this, Veeravati ran and prayed to Indrani to do her husband good once again. 

On this, Indrani said that if the Vrat is broken, which has caused this state of your husband, if you keep the same Vrat according to rituals, then he will get fit and healthy soon. 

After this Veeravati kept the Vrat of Karwa Chauth as per the instructions of Indrani and not only her husband became fully healthy but she also got happiness and wealth.

So this is the whole Katha and method of Karwa Chauth Vrat which you should know if you are going to keep fast for the first time.

Now let’s see what are the food items that you should eat for the opening of your Karwa Chauth Vrat.

Let us tell you that holding hunger and thirst one day impacts you psychologically. Many women do the Vrat easily, but some have to go through multiple health issues due to fasting. 

Acidity, low blood pressure, and nausea are the most common. After breaking the Vrat, you also do not have to face all these issues, so you must try the tips noted here. By following these tips it will be easy to break the fast without any side effects.

Remedies to break your Karwa Chauth Vrat

You should keep some things in mind while taking your first meal before sunrise i.e. Sargi. The tips noted here can help you to break the fast healthily and happily.

Eat Fruits and Vegetables

After the Karva Chauth Vrat, many ladies do not understand what to eat and what not. According to specialists, fruits and vegetables should be consumed in large quantities after fasting. To break the fast healthily, it is necessary to have salad and fruit chaat on your plate.

Eat Dates (Khajoor) or Raisins (Kishmish)

Dates are a central source of nutrients that are often used to break the fast in Saudi Arabia. Apricots and Raisins even hold a bean effect.

Eat Protein rich food

If seen, not just fruits and vegetables, you should also eat protein-rich meals after fasting. Eating protein-rich meals right after fasting will give you back the energy you lost during fasting. 

After a fast diet, it is best to have sprouts, nuts, lentils, curd, and paneer in your meal as protein-rich foods.

Drink as much Water

No matter what the fasting, it is necessary to stay dehydrated to keep oneself healthy. On Karva Chauth, there is a problem with not intaking more liquids than hunger. 

Because hunger can be handled to a great extent, but thirst is very difficult to hold.

Some women may also have sickness and fainting due to dehydration caused by not consuming water throughout the day. 

Therefore, it is very vital to drink enough water instantly after breaking the fast. Due to this, there will be no lack of water in the body.

Do not eat too much oily and spicy food

Breaking the Vrat does not mean serving the plate with heavy food. Actually, to avoid the issue of acidity after Vrat, oily and spicy meals should be avoided. 

Experts advise that after being hungry throughout the day, you should not eat high-calorie food in one go. Because they are lacking in nutrients and high in fat.

Do not drink Coffee

Drinking caffeine after a day’s fast on Karva Chauth is not at all suitable for health. Although some people like to drink coffee after breaking the fast, experts advise not to drink tea or coffee after breaking the Vrat.

It can boost your acid levels. This can induce heaviness in the tummy and heartburn. Therefore, consuming a glass of lukewarm lime water after breaking the Vrat is the best mode to normalize the pH of your stomach.

Wrapping Up!!!

So this is the whole method and Katha of the holy Karwa Chauth. We have also suggested some tips from the experts regarding what to eat after breaking the fast. 

The tips noted here can help you keep a healthy and happy Karva Chauth fast. To keep yourself away from unneeded health and mental issues, you must follow these tips once. 

And on the ending note, on behalf of our team of Couple Birds, I am wishing all our readers and all the married ladies out there a very happy fasting!!! Have a healthy fasting.

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