Keto diet: description, tips and contraindications

Keto diet: description, tips and contraindications

Keto diet has become very popular among people who dream of parting with extra pounds. And how many wonderful and expensive books have been written today of various scales by the weight loss insta guru. It is understandable: there is a demand. Let’s figure out what kind of animal it is and what it is eaten with, and also find out what dangers this method of eating, so beloved by insta-nutritionists and stars, is fraught with.

A bit of theory

Keto diet is a type of diet in which very few carbohydrates are consumed in food. The emphasis is on protein and fat. Nutritionists say that in this situation, the woman’s body begins to activate processes that burn that fat, which prevents us from wearing a fashionable open swimsuit in the summer. Fat in us, women, most often grows from an excess of glucose and sugar. A keto diet is just designed so that the level of glucose in the body does not increase. We are promised that if you follow the keto diet, in a couple of days the process of losing weight will begin, in a week the body will begin to melt fat at full speed, and in a couple of weeks it’s really possible to part with a couple, three, five (depending on the severity of the case) extra pounds.

What’s with the carbohydrates?

Why should you avoid carbs on keto? It’s simple: they are converted into glucose in the body. More precisely, in the gastrointestinal tract. And glucose, as we have already found out, contributes to weight gain, although it is the main source of energy for the body. Having lost glucose, our body begins to look for energy from other sources, in particular, it produces it from fat. But this is in a certain scenario, and at first the body will begin to extract energy from the muscles, “eating” them. How are you? After a couple of days, he will feel sorry for the muscles and he will enter a special state called ketosis. This is where the fat begins to “melt” to the fullest!

What to eat on a keto diet? Let’s break everything down into numbers: approximately 70% of the diet is fat, 20% is protein, and only the remaining 10% is carbohydrates. And then, do not rely on bread. Mostly green vegetables and lettuce.

Keto diet: description, tips and contraindications

So, the purpose of the diet is  to put the body into a state of ketosis. How can this be achieved?

  • A min. of carbohydrates per day, literally 30-20 g in its pure form;
  • Meals are calculated in such a way that you do not remain hungry;
  • At least 3 liters of clean drinking water;
  • The consumption of foods containing fat does not make us fat, but, on the contrary, starts the process of losing weight;
  • You can not allow jumps in insulin in the blood, which means that you also need to snack correctly;
  • Sports, sports, sports: at least a couple of workouts a week, jogging, swimming, walking.
  • Correct calculation of calories per day, reduction of daily calorie content by at least 500-600 kcal in order to lose weight;
  • Minimum salty food;
  • At least 5 meals a day, but you must stop eating at least 3 hours before going to bed.

There are many variations of the keto diet that describe the various stages of the body’s entry into ketosis. Usually there are three of them: first you eat the normal carbohydrates in the morning, then gradually practically remove them from the diet, listening to how you feel. I think if you were interested in this technique, then you know how to calculate the daily calorie and protein intake. If not,  this information is just full on the network.

I want to dwell on moments about which little is said. Why is this seemingly pleasant and meat diet not a panacea for all ills?

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What’s wrong?

Let’s imagine that you calculated KBZhU in grams and as a percentage per day, found a list of allowed foods (and this is mainly meat of all kinds, egg whites, oils of all kinds, seafood, greens), compiled a list of foods that suit you, and even developed menu for the week.

It’s time to get started. But think about health. To begin with, do not forget to undergo a chemical blood test, and an extended one, which will show which vitamins and minerals your body lacks.

We do not have absolutely healthy people, and this is especially true of the stomach and liver. When you are going to experiment with nutrition, you first need to undergo an ultrasound of the internal organs: the liver, kidneys, and it would not hurt to check the stomach.

An important point. Today, a lot of people are cashing in on those who want to lose weight: marathons, courses, insta-support, lessons, online training. When choosing a trainer or guru, carefully read real testimonials and remember that each profile is commercialized. If you follow any blogger or ketology guru, then be prepared: you will be advised of a variety of bars, supplements, sweeteners and other paraphernalia.

Why is keto diet not for the poor?

Why is keto diet not for the poor?

It would seem that a wonderful folk food system: eat lard with butter, eat cheese. We are on keto, we can. But no. Listening to those who promote this nutrition system is not thoughtlessly worth it: for them, this is a business, and you will ruin your health. For nutrition to be useful, the products that enter your body must have an ideal chemical composition: vitamins, minerals, nutrients. Can you eat wild sea bass, field-grown tomatoes and northern cloudberries every day?

Someone will say: I don’t eat it in ordinary life. Why bother? In ordinary life, you eat everything and, at the very least, get some vitamins and minerals from food. Eating on a keto diet drastically reduces the list of products, respectively, and you no longer get the full amount of nutrients. That is why it is important to take dietary supplements and vitamins when dieting. The permitted list of products should contain only the most environmentally friendly and fresh: this way you can squeeze the maximum out of the minimum. And if you bought vegetables in the nearest supermarket, then be sure that they are grown in liquid chemical fertilizers, and not in the ground.

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What else?

The level of ketones in the blood should be kept under control at all times. For this, there are special test strips and other methods of analysis. If you yourself will look for the KBJU formula for the day, then you risk making a mistake, for example, in the amount of protein. The body will “eat” the muscle mass you need and your body will become like a bag. And in general, experiments with protein can end very badly. I knew girls who had acquired serious hormonal disruptions.

If you work a lot, then the brain is constantly in a state of stress, which is most quickly stopped by carbohydrate foods (this is how insulin is produced). And the brain needs carbohydrates for active work. On a keto diet, you can be distracted, it will be more difficult for you to mentally challenge.

The level of cholesterol in the body can increase due to the consumption of large amounts of fat in food. In any case, after such a diet, it would not hurt to retake tests and check how it affected your body.

I am a supporter of approaching everything with my head. Blindly copying some blogger or following advice from the pages of a magazine is  not the best option. Kim Kardashian and you are  two different people with different income levels, nutrition, opportunities.

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