Know About Some Online Software for converting files from JPG to PNG

Know Some Online Software for converting files from JPG to PNG

Sometimes you need to convert JPG files to PNG files because some devices do not support JPG files. For this purpose, you need a converter software. Here we have described some of the online and desktop software along with their methods. You can consider them if you need to convert your files.about:blank

Online convert software

You will see a great deal of online conversion software for changing over JPG to PNG, a portion of these are paid yet most are free. Something worth being thankful for about these conversion software is that you don’t have to download them on your gadget. You can change over your files by utilizing Let’s have a look at how you can do this.about:blank

Method 1: is online software that is efficient in converting JPG files in PNG. It is a very simple site to use. You can follow these instructions step by step to convert your file from JPG to PNG.

Step 1:

First, you have to visit the website. You can do this by clicking the link. It will lead you to the main page of this

Step 2:

You will see the “select media files” option on the main page. Here you can import the files that you want to convert into PNG format. For this upload files from Dropbox, Google drive, or computer folder. You can also drag and drop the desired files.

Step 3:

After uploading files you need to choose the target format for your files. As we are talking about converting to PNG so select PNG format.about:blank

Step 4:

Once you have uploaded the files now is the time to start processing. So click on the convert option and it will start creating PNG files. Depending on the size of the file it can take some time to complete the conversion.

Desktop-based convert softwareabout:blank

Although online software is good but there is nothing better than having desktop-based convert software. They are quick as compared to the online software for converting files from JPG to PNG. Here we are going to discuss two different software to convert JPG files into the PNG along with the method. So let’s get started:

Method 2: Wondershare UniConverter

Wondershare UniConverter is one of the most popular desktop-based converter software that you can use to convert JPG into PNG files. The best thing about this software is that it is equally compatible with both Mac and also supports some other software like JPEG, BPM, and TIFF. This software lets you convert multiple files at the same time. You can also use this software editing images and increasing or decreasing image quality.


All you need is to download and install the software on your device and the remaining steps are simple. Consider a trustworthy source for downloading the software.


Open the software and there will be a Toolbox segment. Click on this tab and now choose the option “image converter”. A new window will open here click on the “add images” option and choose the folder containing the desired image for converting them into PNG format.


From the folder choose the target images you want to convert. In case you want to convert all images choose the option to select all. Here you will see “convert all images to” option and choose target format which is in this case PNG.


In the final step choose the “output” option and select the destination folder for files. Finally, click on the convert option and processing will be started. It can quickly convert your images from JPG to PNG format.

Method 3: Bulk image converter

It is another software that you can install on your device for converting JPG files into PNG. The best thing about this software is that it is user friendly so you don’t have to struggle for getting your work done. Here we have explained how to convert JPG to PNG in simple steps:

Step 1:

Just like other desktop software must also be downloaded first and then you can install it on your device. Make sure to consider a trustworthy source for downloading the software so that you may not fall victim to cyber-attack.

Step 2:

After installation launch application, you will be directed to the main screen. Here choose the folder containing desired files you want to convert.

Step 3:

After choosing the folder now is time to select the particular images you want to convert and choose the target format. In the following case target format is PNG so select on this option.

Step 4:

As target files and format is selected tap on the start button. Processing will be started and after a while, you will have converted files in your destination folder.

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