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Law Firm Business

Nowadays, a good marketing strategy has become a necessity for all sorts of businesses. Similarly, law firms in dubai cannot rely on word of mouth marketing to attract clients. Marketing is a time-consuming and critical aspect of a business and needs proper strategies and dedicated teams. Usually, marketing strategies need to be tried and tested and adapted as per market conditions. Now marketing is the combination of old and modern mediums.  

External Source:

Rather than having an in-house marketing team, many Law Firms outsource their marketing activities to marketing agencies that have the experience and expertise to create awareness among prospective clients and to attract potential opportunities for the law firm. It is critical in a Law Firm Marketing strategy to analyze the costs and benefits of hiring an external marketing agency. In order to short list an agency, it is essential to consider certain factors that can prove fruitful in the future.

A major factor while hiring a marketing agency is to avoid long term contracts. Marketing does not come with a foolproof formula, and it is important to test whether the marketing strategies deployed by the agency work or not. The strategies may sound attractive in the beginning, but may not be as beneficial as they seem. Therefore, rather than hiring an agency for the long term, it is better to hire an agency for the short term and then renew their contracts as and when desired.

The marketing agency should not be paid a fixed amount, but rather they should be paid on the basis of the results that they deliver. These results may vary for each law firm depending on the needs of the firm. Regardless, the desired results should be communicated beforehand and the payment should be based on the performance of the agency. In case the marketing agency directs clients to the firm or screens out potential clients, it is critical that proper guidelines are set so that the customers important for the firm do not get screened out. Outsourcing marketing is a good option for law firms since it helps law firms in achieving a good market image without having to worry about the details.

The Modern SEM:

Search Engine Marketing is an online marketing technique, which helps to increase the ranking of a certain website, blog or social media pages on different SEs e.g. google, yahoo, bing etc. Like all businesses, search marketing is similarly important for law firms & lawyers. However, it is not possible for a law firm to handle all aspects of marketing along with core business functions. Hence, rather than hiring external sources to handle this. 

Apart from a costs and benefits analysis, there are many other factors that are essential to be considered before hiring a search engine marketing agency. The first and foremost step is to identify the goals that have to be achieved via this. It is not possible to achieve something without having proper objectives and goals.

Past Expereince:

An agency that has worked with similar firms in the past, typically proves to be more suitable, since they can not only understand the needs in a better way but can also understand the legal language and terms, hence resulting in better online management. An agency that has the potential to meet the requirements is more important than an agency that has better reviews but lacks relevant experience. Before finalizing a contract with a Search Marketing Agency, it is critical to identify the type of traffic that needs to be attracted so that the keywords can be phrased accordingly, and the same can be communicated to the agency. Furthermore, proper guidelines should be set so that important clients do not get screened out by the agency.While online reviews may prove helpful in the initial screening of agencies, it is often advisable to consult relevant references and word of mouth from known sources rather than online reviews. Law firms in Dubai understand the needs of the market, therefore, they are moving towards digitalization, online marketing and other latest trends in addition to the traditional marketing practices. Good service providers can truly help a Law Firm this regard rather than those who just give promises and do nothing.

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