Lego Piece 26047 What is it?

Lego Piece 26047

What is Lego piece 26047?

Recently, social media warned not to Google the Lego Piece 26047, but people have become more anxious to know about it. After searching it, people get nothing interesting. They are unable to understand the Lego Piece 26047 meme.

It is actually a famous plastic toy which was originated in 2016. Many members have been left baffled, wondering why this meme toy is producing such a stir and gaining popularity. Many US players have generated these pictures in the games, changing them into cool memes.

About 26047 Lego Piece

As mentioned above, it is a plastic toy or brick created by Lego Group. Many US players are obsessed with this series of plastic bricks. When people Google about these, the image of plastic brick gets popup.

  • The Lego group of companies created this plastic toy brick
  • They are engaged in the business of making plastic construction boys
  • All around the world, they have made several amusement parks for people

Origin of Lego Piece 26047 Red Meme

The meme related to these bricks became popular on March 24, 2021. It all started when a random person on Instagram posted with the caption, “Do not Lego piece 26047, the worst mistake of my life.”  

It made people curious and hooked. After that, people started posting follow-up memes based on this material on various social media platforms. Its uncanny resemblance has got the fans to be active on it.

  • Most of the posts related to it were uploaded with the same caption and slight warning not to search it on google
  • People started to search for it, and as a result, they get disappointed. Except for the wastage of time, there wasn’t any escape for them.
  • It became a sort of joke to make fool people, and as time passed, it became famous as Lego Piece 26047 meme 
  • It generates curiosity in people when there is a warning symbol on its first google search
  • People became curious and started searching for the meaning behind the puzzle

All the players started searching for it in the hope that it could game some popularity if they could solve the puzzle and mystery behind it. Still, by today, it is an unsolved query with many questions in mind.

Social Media Reactions

When people started posting about it and could not clarify the doubts regarding the meme material, several reaction videos began doing the rounds as well. Lego™ piece 26047 even became quite popular as

  1. YouTubers started to stream about it via live videos with their subscribers
  2. Some good reactions were captured on Twitter
  3. Instagram stories were given shoot out by others to make them more viral
  4. This trend continues up until now but confusing as well as funny at the same time

Description of Lego Piece 26047

Lego piece is an art of Lego Group of companies. The category of this Lego piece is a plate, and it can be modified. Some of the descriptive features of this piece are

  1. LEGO® piece has the design ID of 26047
  2. Another element ID of the Lego piece is 6153863
  3. Usually, the color of Lego piece 26047 is reddish-brown
  4. The condition of brick toys always remains new
  5. Its total price is $25 
  6. All the brick toys are under in the stock are 40
  7. Different colors are available, but the most popular is red
  8. It includes one gear, a pencil pot, 14 minifies, and 13 parts with different 365 sets

Among US Game

An American game studio created and published the famous virtual multiplayer social killing game named “Among US.” It was introduced to the whole world by an American game studio. He created many tiny creatures in spacesuits, which comprises cartoon passion.

It casually selects which gamers will be impostors. In this game, different game characters are made of different colors. These are manufactured by a brick company that appears in 356 sets and 14 mini parts attached.

The Curiosity of Lego Piece 26047

Its fans are very anxious because this piece is similar to an Impostor character. Fans of the game frantically started to search about it on Google. Lego piece 26047 red bricks refer to a role assigned by the game’s controller.

It helps the player of the game in many ways like to

  • To win extra points 
  • By killing maximum members of the red bricks holders
  • Divide each of its segments into two parts that are Crewmates and Imposters

One playing as a Crewmate in the game has to search for the imposters and kill them to claim victory in the game. An additional responsibility in-game is to find clues and complete missions and tasks.

This game surely helps to understand the Lego piece 26047 meme and is referred to as a key to 

  • Winning a few games
  • Discovering your hidden enemies

Meaning of Viral Meme

In this game, many players are active, and all players are obsessed with playing with this series of plastic bricks. Many people are talking about viral videos and memes related to Lego piece 26047. 

The meme is mainly associated with warning people not to Google about it. When people Google this keyword over their browser, they know that this phrase has no meaning and does not make any sense.

Image of plastic brick

When people search it on SEO, the image of plastic brick gets popup on their screen. Players of this game are making a meme or viral this post about bricks or toys over the internet. It is hard to get meaning about this viral meme of bricks.

Many people have tried to share some intentions about this phrase or meme. All the different players of Among Us game come with new memes daily on the internet. They are trying to use some tricks in that video game. 

Reaction on Lego Piece 26047 Meme Searches

People make it curious by giving statements like

  • “Do not ever search for 26047 Lego Piece on google.”
  • “It was the biggest mistake of my life to search for it.”

Many YouTubers started making live streams on it which gave horrible expressions. As an Among US fanbase player, it may be annoying for other people. Lego™ piece 26047 was part of trolling for a long time.

Some of its famous meme’s captions were as follows:

  • “Hello! this is an Imposter from Among Us meme.”
  • To taunt someone for coming late is “When the Imposter is Sus.”

It is making a trend over the internet for many of the Among US players worldwide. All players of this game get the meaning of this meme. 

Double meaning phrase

Lego Piece 26047 queries and replies do not make any sense to someone. Also, it does not amuse those players who are not friendly with the game. When any of the players say such a phrase that

“When the Imposter is Sus”

The immediate answer by the players will surely be “Sus.”

Toy and bricks images are very similar to the characters of Among US game. One can easily see pictures of gaming characters or playing toys over the internet. All animated characters are found in the “Among US” game have different colors, but red is the most popular.

How and why did Lego piece 26047 became a meme?

Many people thought, why did it just become a meme and went viral so much on the internet within no time. Actually, all its colors are popping up on users’ screens after searching on Google. Due to its resemblance with characters, it becomes viral.

26047 Lego Piece is a viral trend, and Among US fans initially created it to introduce other fans to the physical looks of their gaming characters. It has a similar resemblance, so it has become a trend on social media platforms.

Why should it not be Googled?

Once you Google it, many-colored bricks will start popping up on your screen, which shows different sized and colored toys and bricks referred to as Lego Piece 26047. Many people do the same despite so many warnings of a viral meme.

This meme is well trolled all over the internet due to its resemblance with Among US game gaming characters. If you are an active player of Among US game, you will not be as amused as others as you are aware of its facts and make sense of the same. 

The phrase “Don’t Google Lego piece 26047”

From the player of Among US game to the user of this piece, it has become a vicious cycle. Many people are unaware of all such phrases and even don’t know that

  • What’s going on?
  • What is the actual meaning of the Lego piece?
  • How to understand and summarize the meme in mind?

People’s reactions to knowing the meaning of the Lego piece are many fascinating. Many people will do the exact opposite of warning, i.e., when recommended not to Google or search about it.

Dinosaurs had 500 teeth meme

When the users are warned not to fall for a search of Lego piece 26047, they will indeed Google in search of it. These types of jokes, pranks, and tricks are getting more popular daily. Also, the jokes about following are getting more viral rapidly

  • Dinosaurs in the museum have 500 teeth
  • Sick Reddit users on making racist jokes

In this digital era, this meme material was shared across social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram. It was initially circulated over Google back in September 2019. And later, its first warning was posted on its Instagram story.

Countless memes and posts

There are numerous memes and jokes about Lego piece 26047. It has come up with exciting captions, and the specialty is that every time there is a new caption with a new double phrase meaning. These include generally

  • “Do not google 500 teeth, dinosaur.”
  • “Worse mistake of my life,” etc.

Issues associated with it

Due to the strong relation between Lego brick and the “Among Us” game, it has become a famous meme usually captioned Lego piece 26047 red. Many memes are leading to a wide circle of misperception like:

  1. The primary role of Impostor (Lego piece 20647) is to murder as various Crewmates as possible – this may be overruled
  2. An impostor may be stopped from killing you – which may ruin the excitement of the game
  3. Usually, gamers are allocated the role of the deceiver – this may be overlooked if so, many memes are misunderstood

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some of the queries related to the Lego piece 20647 meme are as follows:

Q: What is Lego piece 26047?

It is a 1×1 plate that features a rounded end and a bar handle. It was initially created in 2016. That is what makes it one of the new additions to Lego’s collection.

Q: Where the Lego piece have been included in?

Lego’s piece has been included in 

  • 356 sets
  • 14 mini-figures
  • 13 parts
  • 1 gear

Q: What sets is Lego piece 26047 available in?

A few pieces that are available individually through resale sites such as eBay and Amazon are

  • 31118 Surfer Beach House
  • 952105 Doctor and Patient
  • 21320 Dinosaur Fossils
  • 21321 International Space Station.

Q: How many pieces are there for Among US game players?

There are almost 3700+ different and more exciting Lego elements for the players. These include Lego bricks and Lego elements for the players in the game. 

Q: What is the average of selling Lego bricks?

Since it has become a viral meme all over social media, the average of Lego bricks selling in the world equals one year, and it can be wrapped around five times the earth. 

Q: Why is there a range of colors for Lego piece 26047?

It is available in a variety of colors. These colors include white, green, black, flesh, green, dark blue, light bluish-gray, dark turquoise, reddish-brown, and pearl gold.

Q: Are all colors of 26047 Lego piece available in the market?

As per version 4.3, the officially Lego digital designer has to make a fantastic color palette of 15 transparent colors and 41 solid colors for the players. Also, there are

  • 5 metallic colors
  • 17 legacy colors
  • Bright green color boundary

Q: What is a link between Among US players and the Lego group?

The characters of Among US gameplay are similar to the Lego piece bricks and plastic toys. The plastic toy brick was created in 2016, while the meme of the Lego piece went viral on March 24, 2021.

Q: What is the description of Lego piece 26047?

The Lego product’s description can help define the plate of bricks. It has an element ID of 6153863. Its basic color is reddish-brown. Its price varies, but usually, it is $25.

Q: What is the meaning behind this viral meme?

A viral meme depicts the joke and prank to people “Do not Google the Lego piece 26047 as it would be the worst mistake of your life”. Also, you will never be found to amuse yourself after searching it on Google.

Q: What are the reactions of people to this viral meme?

Many YouTubers and live video streamers started to discuss with the general public and caught their live reactions with hidden cameras searching for it on Google.

Q: Why did Lego piece 26047 become a meme?

It became a meme because of players of the “Among US” game which means that their characters resemble toy bricks of this construction company.


Summarizing all the discussion, it is just a simple toy or brick available in the market in many colors and a wide variety of shapes. This shape has so much resemblance to characters of a game known as “Among US.” 

However, people who play this game regularly quickly understand the viral memes about Lego piece 26047. It seems like a cheater, one of two casually allocated roles in the game.

Some of the interesting facts related to Lego™ piece 26047 include the following: 

  • The players recommend everyone not to Google it. 
  • It is never amusing to find the results of the searched item on Google.
  • Twitter top trends conclude that it is one of the most famous pranks and jokes ever played with social media users. 

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