List of Essential Commercial Restaurant Supplies

Commercial Restaurant Supplies

Whether you are opening a new restaurant or refurbishing an old one, you need to maintain the quality of commercial restaurant supplies. Your supplies are not only an overview of your restaurant’s standard but also ensure that the cooking quality is up to mark. Moreover, commercial restaurant supplies are the most expensive and must be accounted for.

Restaurant supplies differ for servers, hosts, and kitchen staff. They also vary depending on the service you run and the food you serve, but what are the essential – those you can’t work without?

Gas Or Electric Grill

If you are opening a burger or fast food joint, you need a gas or electric grill. They are also a must-have in high-end restaurants, depending on the cuisine these restaurants serveserve. These grills come with a flat griddle surface, making them perfect for flipping burgers and pancakes. 

They also have a top lid if you want to infuse the meat with the charcoal flavor. For this reason, electric grills, which are small and convenient to store, are not that popular because they don’t give you that smokey charcoal flavor.


Ovens are one of the most important commercial restaurant supplies. The type of oven you buy depends on your restaurant and the food you serve. Moreover, there are a few other things you need to consider when buying an oven, such as:

  • Ensure the quality is top-notch. Look at different brands, compare prices, quality, and warranties, and choose the best option.
  • There are different types of ovens available, such as standard, convection, steam, conveyor, and combination. All differ in their functionality.
  • Ensure the size is perfect for your indoor or outdoor kitchen setting.


A microwave is an essential commercial restaurant supply. Why? Because it takes care of multiple small, repetitive tasks that take up a lot of time. With a commercial microwave, you can defrost items, reheat pre-cooked meals, or use it for steam cooking. It is essential and worth the investment.


Another piece of must-have restaurant equipment is a mixer, mainly if your menu consists of baked goods and loaves of bread or you are running a bakery. Depending on the requirement and usage, there are different mixer options available, such as:

  • If you are running a small bakery, a countertop mixer is perfect for you. It doesn’t take up space but also doesn’t have a high output.
  • For a commercial setting, floor mixers are the best. They are high-powered, can work at maximum capacity, and have a larger output.

Cooking Ranges 

Another thing that you need to look out for when buying commercial restaurant supplies is your range and ventilation plan. For ranges, you have two options; gas or electric. Gas ranges offer more temperature control, whereas electric ranges are famous for their efficiency. Both have pros and cons, and it’s best to list them side by side and decide accordingly.

Other essential commercial restaurant supplies include freezers, refrigerators, slicers, food processors, and much more. You can easily order all these restaurant supplies online and compare different brands, prices, and reviews before purchasing. We hope this article helped!

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