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It’s the Logitech G432 is a long-overdue upgrade on the G430 with everything that made its predecessor worth it and much-improved performance in music. It also is very similar to and looks similar to a brand new four-year-old device.

The G432 is worth a look because of its excellent audio quality with a variety of connections, and its reasonable cost. However, the device’s appearance hasn’t changed that well, however, and you can find higher-quality gadgets if you’re willing to invest a little more. This is one of the Best Gaming Headphones under 5000.


Do you remember the Logitech G430? Plasticine, light, with loud blue highlights and a pliable headband made of steel? The G432 is simply an updated version of the G430. The earcups are made of leather, not foam and the blue accents are much more sluggish. In other words, it’s the identical plastic feel and a somewhat sloppy-cut headband.

The G432 has a movable, flexible boom microphone on the front of the left earcup as well as a volume knob at the back. There’s nothing wrong with this however, the G432 missed an opportunity to compete with larger, more sturdy and more contemporary designs.

It’s even more fascinating is the wide array of connections that the G432 provides. It is possible to connect the device using only a single 3.5-millimeter audio wire. However, it comes with an audio splitter that can be used for different audio and mic connections, and a USB adapter. I’m not certain if it’s really required to have both of these options because the splitter, as well as the USB adapter, are suitable for gaming PCs. However, it’s always good to have additional choices.
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The G432 is adequate and comfortable, however, just a few tweaks would make it more comfortable. The earcups made of pleather do not sit too much on your ears, however, they do become hot particularly after having worn the headset for several hours. The first time I removed the G432 off of my head I was shocked to see sweat beads, not just on the ear cups, but also on the headband made of foam. The ear cups are also slightly loose side.

Gaming Performance

One area in which the G432 performed to its fullest is the game’s performance at the very least when connected via USB. The headset delivered high-quality, programmable audio for PC games such as Destiny 2, World of Warcraft and StarCraft: Remastered, with an outstanding bass/treble balance as well as the soundscape felt intimate instead of distant. Gunfire from Destiny 2, the techno music of StarCraft as well as the sounds of combat of World of Warcraft all came through clear and clear. If you are finding trending buzz then visit tbobuzz.com.

I had a mixed encounter with using the 3.5-mm cable however. The sound was not as powerful or nuanced on a PC when it was compared with that of the USB adapter. This was even though I played the same game. On the Nintendo Switch, however, the audio was right, with a good sound quality that was balanced between voice as well as sound effects and music.


If you connect the G432 to your computer via USB you can adjust the sound profile options within Logitech G Hub. Logitech G Hub software. Apart from DTS 7.1 surround audio, it also has equalization, noise reduction, and several other options. My experience was that it was muted and fuzzy, whereas it was clear and quick and there wasn’t any reason to change to the stereo sound. However, the options are great to have if you would like to play with different settings or if you have content designed for surround sound.

It’s also appropriate for games that involve multiplayer even though it’s not among the top models available that are available in any way. You can use it to chat with your teammates, but don’t make use of it for any sort of recording that is professional quality.

Music Performance

You can get some stunning sound quality out of the G432 if you are open to tweaking the audio settings on a computer. However, even with those adjustments, music plays fine. There’s a distinct distinction between bass and treble and the high frequencies don’t cause distortion. The sound isn’t as full as what you’d find in an audio headset with a dedicated microphone however for an affordable price of $80, this is pretty close to the best these headsets get.

However, it’s not going to become your regular favorite headset any time very soon. It’s a bit bulky and large and the microphone is fixed in its place. The earcups can pivot and if you wanted to put the gear in the backpack for your trip to a sporting event you can certainly do it.

Bottom Line

Four years more later four years later, it’s been four years since the G432 is a better product than the predecessor and comes with much improved audio drivers as well as a few clever design tweaks. However, many of the same issues are still present, such as the lack of a premium feel and a shoddy fitting.

Overall I believe that it has more to offer it than it does. Both game and music audio are excellent and it can be used right from the beginning with every gaming device you have. The USB connectivity provides it with an advantage over many of its rivals, however, for those who prefer a more simple 3.5-mm experience, it has this as well. 

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