Major types of skincare products and their benefits

types of skincare products

Many people struggle with skincare, and new products are introduced every day. But there are some basics you should know to help prevent skin problems and keep your skin looking its best. You might be using the wrong product or, worse, using too much! Here are the major types of skincare products and their benefits:

Face Scrubs

 Exfoliate to remove dead skin cells that can make pores clog. Deeply cleanses pores by removing excess oil, dirt, bacteria, and makeup buildup. Use 1-2 times weekly on dry or wet skin, then rinse with warm water or wipe off excess if used on the dry face first.

Moisturizers and Creams

These products provide deep moisture to the skin. They should be applied after cleansing, not before, and they contain emollients that help retain moisture by filling in the gaps between cells. Moisturizers do not need to be applied every day, but some people find that a daily moisturizer helps them maintain their youthful skin. The main components of moisturizer are water, oil, and humectants (emulsifiers). For instance, when looking for skincare products in Singapore, it is highly recommended to purchase a cream or lotion from your local drug or grocery store because many over-the-counter creams and lotions are made with harmful chemicals, fillers, and preservatives that can damage your skin. Also, stay away from products with aloe vera because it dries out the skin.


Use sunscreen under your makeup to prevent skin aging and cancer. Use sunscreen products daily to protect your skin and prevent brown spots, freckles, and sun damage. Choose either a broad-spectrum or water-resistant sunscreen that contains a minimum of SPF 15 (tinted is best). Do not apply too much, especially if you have oily/combination skin! The lighter the ingredient, the better. Ingredients like zinc oxide (zinc protects against UVA rays) are better than titanium dioxide mixed with zinc oxide (which absorbs UVB rays). You do not need to slather on the sunscreen! Apply it evenly, especially when you are sweating or have oily skin.

Lip Care

Lip balm helps restore moisture to your lips and keeps them soft and smooth. It also soothes sore or cracked lips, sunburn, and chapped lips. Try using lip butter or lip gloss instead of lip balm because these products have nourishing ingredients like shea butter, olive oil, and jojoba oil. Try not to use lip balm with an SPF because it can be harmful, and the ingredients may not be suitable for your skin.

Eye Creams

Eye creams are a good go-to for eye problems such as bags, fine lines, dark circles, or puffiness. They contain ingredients that help moisturize the skin around your eyes and may also contain ingredients like retinol, vitamin A (which treats fine lines and improves skin elasticity), and caffeine (which helps reduce puffiness). You should not use these products with an SPF because they will decrease protection from sunspots and wrinkles. It is recommended to use eye cream only at night so try to avoid using it during the day when trying to apply makeup.

Primarily, several skincare products focus on cleaning the skin. These include facial cleansers and masks, which can take off your face’s dirt, oil, and makeup. There are also exfoliating products that remove dead cells and help with acne. Products that moisturize your dry or oily skin, like lotion or creams. However, care should be taken that they do not clog pores, as this will lead to breakouts. Moisturizing products can also be used with other treatments such as retinoids to speed up the process.

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